Zinus Ultima Comfort Memory Foam Mattress Review

The Sleep Master mattress is produced by Zinus, Inc, a pioneer in the mattress business with more than 25 years of experience. Zinus is focused on furnishing their clients with mattresses that offer comfort and backing at costs that are genuinely moderate. The Sleep Master mattress is a genuine demonstration of the organization's duty to more readily rest.

An all foam mattress, the Zinus Sleep Master is involved top notch memory foam, influencing diminishing comfort foam and high thickness base help structure. All materials utilized in this mattress are CertiPUR-US Certified, which implies that no cruel synthetics are utilized during its creation, which guarantees that it isn't solid for you, yet ok for the earth, as well. Zinus utilizes Bio Foam normal plant oil rather than oil, which keeps the mattress fresher for more.

Like the remainder of the Zinus mattresses, the Sleep Master is delivered legitimately from the maker to the customer. The upside of this is it dispenses with the need to manage high weight deals strategies when shopping in a store, and it likewise brings the absolute expense of the mattress down. Notwithstanding, on the drawback, this implies you can't give the mattress a shot before you get it. Subsequently, it tends to be hard to decide if it will really give you the help and comfort that you are searching for.

Three Separate Layers

foam mattresses are frequently comprised of different layers. The kind of layers, the quantity of layers, their thickness, their solidness, and their area in the general layering of foams greatly affects the general comfort you will discover when lying on your mattress. This specific mattress has three layers of foam.

The primary layer is a high thickness, ultra-strong base foam. This foam has to a lesser degree a cooling capacity yet needn't bother with it, since it the layers over it will remain cool in any case (and those are the ones nearest to your body). It is the extraordinary thickness of this foam keeps your mattress' shape. Without this layer, your mattress would probably overlap up on itself like a taco shell. The thickness of this foam will change dependent on the stature of mattress you buy. We'll cover more data about the statures later.

The subsequent layer is "weight soothing comfort foam." This layer is a lot squishier than the base layer and really complies with the state of your body. Since it is squishy, it will sink further down in the territories where your body is heaviest. This will keep your spine adjusted and oblige the hips and shoulders of side sleepers.

In spite of the fact that the subsequent layer will soothe weight on specific zones of your body, it won't give ideal comfort without anyone else. Since the weight and weight of a hip (for instance) is far beyond the bend of your side, resting on this kind of foam may put undue weight on your side muscles since they will need satisfactory help. This is the place the top layer comes in – memory foam. This medium-thickness foam is made extraordinarily to puff up in the regions with the least weight and to squish down in the zone with more weight – forming itself to your body's one of a kind shape.

Quality of material

The entire mattress is secured by a sewed jacquard material which can't be expelled effectively. Despite the fact that the sole feel of the spread is extraordinary and delicate, it might turn out to be very messy following two or three years, particularly in the event that you don't cover it with another cover. Hence, it is a smart thought consistently to have it secured, to ensure both the mattress and your wellbeing.

The foam is confirmed with CertiPUR – US, which implies that the experts are happy with it and enabled it to be delivered to the US soil. The sort of memory foam utilized for structure the mattress is called BioFoam. It varies from the conventional sort of foam on the grounds that rather than oil it utilizes common plant oil in the sole procedure of foam creation. This outcomes in the more advantageous foam where off-gassing is decreased to a base subsequently the terrible stench don't exist nearly by any stretch of the imagination.


The Zinus Sleep Master completes an alright activity to the extent comfort goes. It is surely more comfortable than a standard internal spring mattress; be that as it may, we didn't generally see a lot of a distinction regarding comfort when contrasted with other memory foam mattresses. It conforms to the body, making a pleasant embrace, and it additionally assimilates a great deal of vitality and lessens movement move; two components that absolutely add to the general comfort. In any case, we didn't see any great contrast contrasted with other comparative mattresses as to comfort.

Pain Relief and Support

By and large, the help with discomfort and bolster that the Sleep Master mattress from Zinus gave was additionally average. We feel that it was decently strong. We noticed that this mattress helped to give weight point alleviation; nonetheless, we have unquestionably attempted different mattresses that completed a superior employment of giving weight help.

As far as help, the memory foam cradles the body pleasantly; nonetheless, a few clients may find that there is an excessive amount of sinkage, which could make them feel as though they are caught in the mattress. Be that as it may, different clients may truly appreciate the degree of sinkage, as it provides a pleasant embrace and adds to non-abrasiveness of the mattress.

So Many Size Options

You would believe that this mattress, as most mattresses, is accessible in a twin, twofold/full, queen, and king. You would be right, yet you would just have about portion of the appropriate response. It is really accessible in a bigger assortment of lengths and widths. You have the decision of a twin, an extra-long twin (for those individuals who like to consolidate two twin mattresses to make one king mattress), a twofold/full, a queen, a short queen (intended to fit into a trailer or RV), a king, and an extra-huge California king.

It doesn't end there, however. You additionally have an assortment of decisions with regards to the tallness of this mattress. Brace yourself for what I'm about to tell you – the distinctions in stature will influence the general delicate quality or immovability of the mattress notwithstanding essentially making it stand taller on your bed, so think about that when you settle on your choice.

You can choose a 6-inch thick mattress, a 8-inch, 10-inch or 12-inch. The six-inch does without the center layer of foam, making it perhaps the firmest alternative. It includes just 4 crawls of high thickness foam as a base and 2 creeps of memory foam at the top. The eight-inch mattress highlights 4 crawls of high thickness foam, 2 creeps of mid-bolster comfort foam, and 2 creeps of memory foam. A 5 inch, ultra-hard, high-thickness foam base, trailed by 2 creeps of comfort foam and 3 crawls of memory foam make up the ten-inch choice. The super-tall twelve-inch choice layers 3 creeps of memory foam on 3 crawls of comfort foam, trailed by 6 crawls of high thickness foam.


The Zinus Sleep Master mattress is a medium immovability mattress that is intended to offer weight help and backing for the normal sleeper. By and large, we thought that it offers a fair measure of comfort and backing, yet it wasn't vastly different than other memory foam items. We are satisfied with the CertiPUR-US affirmation, and that there was no off gassing or movement move; anyway we have dozed on cooler mattresses. We were additionally not excited that this mattress did not accompany a particular time for testing, or a particular assurance.

Zinus Sleep Master Ultima Memory Foam Mattress 

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