Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress Review

The Memory Form Green Tea Mattress is delicate and spongy which is an a significant incredible component on the off chance that you want to nestle yourself in bed. Never bargain comfort while you are snoozing! An agreeable sleeping pad is said to be the fix to stomach, neck, bear and back torments. This bedding has a four layer innovation that builds its solidness and thickness and permits extraordinary dissemination of air in accordance with the implantation of green tea removes that renews the air around you in your rest.


This unique sort of sleeping pad has a few layers in its adjustable foam to build the thickness that thusly prompts an agreeable bedding. You can feel the various layers from the side of the bedding.

The Zinus Mattress has 4 layers:

  • 3 inches Memory Foam
  • 2 inches Comfort Foam
  • 3.5 inches Airflow High-thickness Foam
  • 3.5 inches Airflow High-thickness Base Support Foam

This innovation is significant as it improves temperature guideline, backing, and direct versatility toward keep your whole body adjusted, which is the best and recommendable stance for the spine as it diminishes the odds of real torments.

Green Tea Infusion

The Zinus mattress' froth is made of green tea extricates, which has been experimentally demonstrated to go about as an Anti-oxide and hostile to parasitic properties that clean the air and substance properties around you giving a sound domain. This is a significant innovation as the human body produces a ton of waste, for example, carbon (IV) Oxide, sweat and dead skin cells while dozing.

Temperature regulation

The peripheral dress of the Zinus mattress is a Knitted Jacquard spread elevates thermoneutrality to promise you comfort. It adjusts effectively and fits in with your skin temperature so it isn't excessively warm or excessively chilly, a condition that would cause you to lose your rest and seem exhausted amid the day.


This mattress is structured and made to the largest amount of value and complexity to promise you best solace. It has a thickness of 12 Inches and is delicate and fun to give your body extraordinary rest, soothing you off back, bones, neck, shoulders and different agonies identified with poor dozing propensities and poor sheet material clothing types. With the Zinus mattress you wake up cheerful and loose.

Offers extraordinary Air Circulation

Your wellbeing is significant for you to be profitable and the general ecological conditions when you rest assume an incredible job to decide your wellbeing status. A domain with tainted air is the main source of cerebral pains and interfered with rest.

The characteristic green tea component cleans the air around you guaranteeing that you inhale outside air and wake up stimulated prepared to confront another day.

Sturdiness and dependability

A mattress is a home item that should last you years if not a real existence time. The zinus mattress will last you a lifetime, being a mattress that is of top quality and the Foam utilized in development is certiPUR-US. It is subsequently of the most elevated standard in the US and does not get wrecked even after overwhelming inclusion of weight.


  • The Zinus Memory Foam mattress gives comfort, incredible padding, structure and sound rest on account of the four layer innovation, the non-abrasiveness and energy of the mattress.
  • The structure diminishes you from back, head, shoulder, neck and general bone agonies that ruin you from doing ordinary every day exercises. 
  • The zinus mattress is a simple to clean and keep up mattress given that it is made of delicate Knitted Jacquard spread material that is removable and simple to wash, thus your mattress will dependably stay perfect and alluring.
  • The Zinus mattress has a one of a kind plan and a wonderful Knitted Jacquard spread that increases the value of your room; you don't have to cover it up consistently!


  • Because of the high caliber and sophistications, the mattress is profoundly valued contrasted with different mattresses
  • Makers guidance that you permit 48 hours after conveyance for the mattress to froth out and gain the first shape because of the conservative conveyance.


There is nothing as satisfying as obtaining a thing that has quality, class, stylish esteem and fills you the need you get it for. A mattress is a coincidental thing and you in this way need to get the best that the market is putting forth. On the off chance that you are searching for a mattress that will give you incredible help, sound evenings at all climate seasons and merits the estimation of its quality, at that point the Zinus Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress is unquestionably the mattress for you.

Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress

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