WORX Pegasus Multi-Function Work Table and Sawhorse Review

Squeaky, unbalanced wooden work tables are a most despicable aspect of each instrument man's presence. Truly, there's nothing more regrettable than strolling into a gainful day for some constriction or fix work in the storm cellar however before long getting put off by that slacker of a table. It can't hold weight, it can't clasp wood, it won't bolster stockpiling.

We think the opportunity has already come and gone that you move up to a work table minimal progressively proficient and amazing. Furthermore, we are here to assist you with that through our Worx pegasus audits. You are welcome. In this way, is the Worx Pegasus audits going to be the finish of your


The WORX Pegasus is a Multi-Function Work Table, definitely. On account of its bright and proficient plan, this work table gives you a chance to do as such much that only one Worx pegasus audit will miss the mark to cover its adaptability.

As a matter of first importance, the WORX Pegasus work table offers a working surface of 31 crawls by 25 inch, which isn't the most huge, however on the off chance that you'd be astounded how well it holds burden and weight in spite of that estimate. Furthermore, at any rate, one of most virtuoso things about this table is that you can grow it! You can bend over the working surface by connecting another WORX Pegasus work table to the present one! How cool is that? With respect to tallness, the top working surface is 32 creeps starting from the earliest stage, we believe is a flexible stature.

It isn't too short that you need to twist and hunch, nor or high that you'll battle to reach. It remains on 4 legs so it completes a splendid activity by uniformly dispersing the weight on the working surface. You can utilize it anyplace however it is most perfect for level, even surfaces. Aside from that, the WORX Pegasus work table likewise has a worked in base rack where you can store work basics like power devices, tool stash, oil, drivers, screws, and so on.

A standout amongst the most helpful structure subtleties on the WORX Pegasus, in any case, is that it has a particular spot on the lower rack to slide in an electrical extension! How helpful is that? You will never again have worry over the electrical plug being excessively far or the link to your capacity apparatus being too short in light of the fact that the power source is spot on your work table!


Presently, one thing you'll learn through our Worx pegasus is this astounding work table serves both as a workbench and saw table. Not called multifunctional to no end, ey? Basic all things considered as a workbench, the Worx pegasus can change from a plain table into an all out, useful, and incredible saw table in under second.

It accompanies 2 bars clips that open to 18 ½ inches and 4 holding legs which gives you a chance to do all the cutting, sawing, brushing, boring, nailing as you need to do! What's more, to assume the difficult heap of the work, the work table likewise moreover includes locking legs so that there is practically no wobbling or development while you are making your showstopper.

One little yet noteworthy detail on the outside of this work table is that it has an estimating scale engraved on it. This kills the requirement for manual estimating with a tape and that is one less activity to do! Aside from this, one thing we realize clients will truly acknowledge is that the Worx pegasus work table is exceptionally lightweight. At only 35 pounds, this table is ridiculously light. It is besides reduced since it very well may be collapsed into a compliment body. Flawless voyager and simple to store

Quality and Durability

Presently, we don't need you to think any less of the Worx pegasus work table since it is lightweight since this lightweight table can pack some genuine punches! Produced using what appears high caliber hard shaped plastic, and in spite of tipping the scales at only 35 pounds, the Worx pegasus work table can hold as much as 300 pounds in weight. That is just about multiple times of its own weight! However, that is even near what the sawhorse it holds… .an amazing 1000 pounds! Trust it.


  • Serves twofold obligation as an incredibly steady work table you can without much of a stretch flip into a sawhorse in seconds level
  • Reasonable for enormous workpieces with sawhorse ready to help 1000 pounds and stir table persevering to 300 pounds
  • Attach your Pegasus to different surfaces to broaden its usefulness further and even interface 2 of these units together utilizing joiners gave on the off chance that you have an extremely eager venture
  • Produced using exceedingly solid ABS plastic with stand fortified with aluminum so worked to remain the separation
  • Lightweight and minimized; compact


  • Need to purchase 2 units in the event that you need to use as a compelling sawhorse set-up
  • A portion of the screws underneath are very little and inclined to breaking 


There's basically nobody estimate fits-all arrangement with regards to getting the best work table or sawhorse yet one of the key selling purposes of the WORX Pegasus is the manner in which it consolidates both these workshop weapons into one convenient unit.

Regardless of whether you're a home specialist searching for a strong and sturdy surface for your table saw or a contractual worker hoping to help different cumbersome workpieces out nearby, the Pegasus flies to the salvage.

WORX Pegasus Multi-Function Work Table and Sawhorse with Quick Clamps and Holding Pegs – WX051

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