SVS PB16-Ultra Subwoofer Review

A tenacious energy for amazing bass execution and building flawlessness guided each part of the PB16-Ultra subwoofer's advancement. Momentous innovation, thorough structure and outrageous testing in genuine world and research center conditions permitted SVS to accomplish unmatched low recurrence augmentation and yield capacities all while keeping it incredibly point by point and expressive. The summit of all SVS plan progressions, PB16-Ultra speaks to a unique bass encounter, nothing else approaches.

SVS PB16-Ultra Subwoofer (Black Oak) – 16-inch Driver, 1,500-Watts RMS, DSP App Control, Ported Cabinet


Normally, I'm not effectively inspired with shimmery shows on articles that don't generally require them, yet it is a decent touch on the SVS and it gives it a first class look. What I appreciate considerably more however is the capacity to control the sub by means of remote or telephone application. Tune in, I have neighbors, a spouse who doesn't generally watch films with me, and now and then a scene just gets somewhat insane and I have to dial back the bass a bit. Or on the other hand it's the center of the day and nobody is near and I need to wrench it till I feel it in my bones. In any case, having that control in my grasp on the sofa is astonishing.

It likewise implies you can without much of a stretch play with the various modes like music, motion pictures, or custom setups from your ideal seating position. Hear what sounds the best. The application, accessible on iOS and Android, is clear and simple to utilize and it matches consequently with the sub. No muddled setup process here, expresses gratitude toward SVS!

Like the SB16-Ultra, the PB16-Ultra has a couple of highlights that are most effectively gotten to by means of the telephone application. Control volume, hybrid, stage, room gain, and a 3-band parametric EQ. The EQ takes into consideration alterations on recurrence, lift, and Q-factor.

Not at all like the SB16-Ultra, the PB16-Ultra has 3 3.5" high-stream ports on the front. These ports consider expanded yield at low octaves just as 3Hz of extra expansion when utilizing one port module broadened mode. There are 3 port fittings included, taking into account further customization of the subwoofer's sound. I selected expanded mode, putting one module the middle port.


The PB16-Ultra structure imparts many plan similitudes to the PB13-Ultra, and, initially, one may wrongly think it is simply a bigger form of the PB13-ultra. Be that as it may, in the engine, there are some extreme takeoffs from the PB13-Ultra, which we will talk about in a bit. To start with, we should talk about the conspicuous closeness, the nook plan. The PB16-Ultra is a front-terminating, triple-ported, variable tuned subwoofer. It has three methods of activity: three ports open, two ports open, or fixed, which as indicated by SVS, have separate - 3 dB purposes of 17 Hz, 14 Hz, and 21 Hz. For the individuals who are new to subwoofers, this means when one of the ports are fixed with an included port attachment, the subwoofer can play back further bass frequencies, in spite of the fact that it comes to the detriment of more intense profound bass. Fixing every one of the ports, notwithstanding, disposes of a ton of the profound bass yield by and large. A solitary port open mode was not upheld by the PB16-Ultra, maybe on the grounds that port choppiness would happen too effectively with that much air relocation versus so minimal port volume.


In the thorough manual going with the SVS PB16-Ultra, SVS incorporate an area on volume, taking note of that the subwoofer "ought not attract consideration regarding itself, yet ought to just make the framework's low end appear to be increasingly broadened and precise. The principal thing we did – the absolute first thing, even before we'd done any tuning – was locate the gnarliest, bassiest track we could consider, and siphon the volume as high as it would go.

You truly can't grasp what it resembles to sit before a SVS PB16-Ultra swung to greatest dimensions. At 1,500 watts nonstop power and 5,000 watts top, it doesn't mess around. Indeed, even at lower levels, you can put your ear near the speaker and hear a threatening, subsonic drone, as though the subwoofer is just dozing. Also, this isn't care for being before a major speaker stack at a club, or a major arrangement of floorstanding speakers. This is increasingly close to home. The damn thing is taking a gander at you, and it needs to eat your mind. At top volume, it everything except vaporizes it. At - 15dB, we could feel the sound waves vibrating through the love seat. At - 10db, the windows were beginning to shake, and glasses on the racks were starting to shake in a manner that proposed they were profoundly despondent. At - 5dB, we swear we could see the dividers begin to twist in reverse. At - 3dB, our eardrums started to drain. At 0dB… well, the texture of reality swung to tidy. We woke up two hours after the fact with a head that felt like a fender bender and another, superstitious wonder for the monster, Biblical mammoth sitting in our parlor.

Controls and Connections

At the top edge, recessed in a smooth, etched empty, is a computerized control cushion. Beside it is a straightforward four-way catch controller, which enables simple and instinctive use to any of the capacities found in the SVS portable application. We didn't utilize this without question, other than altering the volume – we liked to depend on the great application itself – yet when we did, it worked great. Round the back is a direct arrangement of ports. For a great many people, a solitary line level contribution to a recipient will be all that is required, however you get a lot of choices for interfacing things up. There are both line level data sources and yields, a 3V-12V trigger contribution (for turning the subwoofer on when you actuate another bit of gear) and a couple of adjusted XLR line level information sources and yields. For such a monster, it's shockingly clear to associate up. There's likewise the alternative to associate various PB16s – what SVS alluded to as "Going Dual". You get a rebate of $200 in the event that you purchase both together. We can't envision what it must resemble to have two of these things vibrating without end. The very texture of reality would swing to clean.


Rarely we commit an exceptional area to a versatile application, however the one SVS have created merits a more intensive look. It's a standout amongst the best, most instinctive, most thorough precedents we can consider. It's accessible for the two iOS and Android, and interfaces in seconds to the subwoofer by means of Bluetooth. It packs a totally enormous sum into its drop-down menu. You can change the lowpass channel, switch the stage and extremity, apply a bespoke parametric equalizer, modify room gain pay. You can make presets, and dialing back to them is crafted by minutes. Regardless of whether none of this implies anything to you, each segment includes a far reaching, clear instructional exercise, making it simple to get to grasps with what you're seeing. The individual areas are very much planned, each accessible on a solitary screen, with no looking over. Utilizing the application was a joy, and in spite of the fact that tuning the framework just as we would prefer took a little experimentation, it wasn't a result of a disappointment in innovation.


  • Enormous profound bass yield
  • The application for the subwoofer is exceptional, with excellent design
  • Highly adjustable frequency response
  • SVS make it simple to interface and coordinate the subwoofer


  • Very heavy
  • The PB16-Ultra's dark completion draws in residue and fingerprints


At last, the SVS PB16-Ultra is a beast of a sub, both as far as looks and execution. I have the space for it, so actually, the size doesn't trouble me, yet not every person will. Like the SB16-Ultra, its low twisting enables it to vanish and mix into your home theater framework. In contrast to the SB16 notwithstanding, the PB16 can achieve new profundities, giving you that full home venue experience we as a whole pine for. The SVS PB16-Ultra is an ideal answer for those searching for exceptional, bone pulverizing bass.

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