Sun Joe SPX3000 Review

The time has come to said farewell to unlimited long stretches of arduous scouring that could take all of you day to clean a little dirty fix. The otherworldly arrangement displayed by Sun Joe SPX3000 is the response to all your cleaning troubles. Convenient and lightweight, this smooth machine is a delight that can be carried anyplace around the house effortlessly. The incredibly amazing engine develops enough strain to kick out the difficult stains left on your carport or yard.

You never again need to worry a lot about oil recolors left by oil spilling from your vehicle, or the obvious, messy impressions you unintentionally leave on the garage and yard when you return subsequent to pottering in your greenhouse for two or three hours. Abandon it to Sun Joe SPX3000 effectively tidy up any kind of stain that obstinately stays on the floor even after an energetic round of cleaning. Specific sorts of constant stains and soil should be cleaned under high weight, and this weight washer is the best response to all such cleaning errands that can generally transform into bad dreams.

Product Description

The Sun Joe SPX3000 electric weight washer comes incompletely collected yet it would not take the greater part an hour to place everything into one piece once you haul it out of the container. This electric weight accompanies a double cleanser tank framework that will empower you to fill at the same time extraordinary purging operators reasonable to your necessities. The double tank is likewise removable for a progressively advantageous method for filling cleansers. You can undoubtedly change starting with one cleanser tank then onto the next with the utilization of the simple to squeeze switches. The gadget is additionally furnished with a 34-inch expansion shower wand for simpler impacting of water to a particular stretch for cleaning. Difficult to achieve spots can be open with the assistance of the all-encompassing wand and the back wheels for a superior portability of the rigging.

This additionally accompanies a 35-foot control line and 20-foot high-weight hose for longer reach. You can make the yield of your water weight customized to your cleaning needs with the five fast splash spouts to look over. The spouts are anything but difficult to exchange from 0º, 15º, 25º, and 40º to cleanser. A standout amongst the best highlights of this gadget is the Total Stop System innovation wherein it will consequently closed off the engine once the trigger is separated. The thing is just 31 pounds so it isn’t that difficult to move around with it. It is comprised of strong and thick plastic and the wand is made of steel. In the event that you experience any issues with it, you don’t need to fuss at all since this will accompany a 2-year constrained guarantee for any assembling deformities.


  • Weighs only 31 pounds, making it effectively flexibility, can be utilized by ladies or even children easily
  • Sun Joe SPX3000 accompanies a power-pressed 14.5 Amp 1,800 watt engine that can clean the most difficult and extreme earth easily
  • Remarkable cleanser choice dial that gives you a chance to utilize extra cleaning specialists as indicated by the centralization of the stains and soil
  • Augmentation shower wand is 34 inches in length and helps achieve upper floor dividers effectively
  • Adequately long power rope is convenient for cleaning vast stretches from a solitary power point
  • The 35-foot control string and 20-foot weight hose with greenery enclosure hose connector guarantee simple access to difficult to-achieve territories


At the point when contrasted with a gas worked weight washer Sun Joe SPX3000 is marginally less incredible, as it is electrically worked. With 2030 pounds for every square inch of water weight, and 1.76 GPM this weight washer creates pretty much enough capacity to deal with standard cleaning errands. Notwithstanding, on the off chance that you wish to handle obstinate stains, you likely need a gas worked weight washer that packs more power.


Being an electrically worked weight washer, Sun Joe SPX3000 is practically silent, particularly when contrasted with the gas worked weight washers. Also, as there is no fumes smoke, you are spared from the inconvenience of breathing in noxious carbon-monoxide that is related with the fumes from gas based gear. Regardless of delivering a noteworthy 2030 PSI of water weight, the related clamor created is very unimportant.


This weight washer accompanies a few highlights that make it appropriate to clean plain surfaces like garages and terraces, and troublesome regions like housetops, canals, and inner parts of waste funnels. Furnished with a trigger firearm and splash wand holder, Sun Joe SPX3000 makes all your cleaning errands a delight. The extraordinary cleanser tanks with the cleanser choice dial let you pick the cleanser as indicated by the grouping of the stains you propose to clean.

Ease Of Use

You can get your Sun Joe SPX3000 weight washer began in a split second with the push of a catch, dissimilar to gas washers that have starters that could give inconvenience while beginning. The activities are simple to the point that even a child can work this machine with no trouble.

The additional long power line, and the long weight hose make any cleaning undertaking in the terrace or the garage basic and simple. The unit runs easily and is practically silent, with the exception of the commotion from the water planes hitting the surface at high weight. The spouts work superbly, and can be changed with no trouble.

Who Is This Product For?

The Sun Joe SPX3000 Pressure Joe 2030 Electric Pressure Washer is the ideal unit for clients searching for durable toughness which won’t use up every last cent. It’s incredible for use around the home and is a standout amongst the most dependable electric weight washers around. It’ll work in practically any climate condition and it very well may be utilized for a few a really long time. It’s an incredible match to vast yards, workshops or spots which have different porches or long carports.


  • This amazingly lightweight weight washer is convenient and accompanies additional expansive wheels that can be moved over any unpleasant territory with no trouble.
  • The 5 effectively tradable spouts will enable you to choose the yield you might want to utilize that is fitted to your cleaning need. You can choose a 0º spout for a high-forced pencil direct shower toward a 40º spout low-compelled fan splash. There is even a cleanser spout to get that frothy yield from the steel wand.
  • 2030 PSI


  • The spout cleans a segment of territory that is entirely limited at around 4 to 5 inches width. This outcomes in a ton of time being spent to cover expansive zones and can turn out to be somewhat dull when cleaning substantial lawns and carports.


At its value, the Sun Joe SPX 3000 Pressure Joe 2030 PSI Electric Pressure Washer is a take. It matches units far surpassing its cost in power, execution and dependable solidness. The single-stream execution could be better yet the various spouts work faultlessly giving productive, enduring weight and a nice rate of stream.

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