Snow Joe ION8024-XR Cordless Two Stage Snow Blower Review

With winter in transit, huge numbers of you may fear the possibility of clearing snow from your carports and walkways. In the event that you live in a territory where snow and ice are a customary event in winter, the activity will be all that a lot more noteworthy.

A solitary stage snow blower is going to cost significantly less and you could undoubtedly manage without forking out the additional money for a two-arrange machine. All things considered, to help with your choice, we'll take a gander at whether you need a solitary stage or two-arrange snow blower. Before doing this current, how about we audit the absolute best snow blowers accessible to you. We'll consider every contingency. This implies taking a gander at the two gas and electric snow blowers, including choices for single-stage or two-arrange snow blowers.


  • 80V Max (2 x 40V/5.0 Ah) EcoSharp battery-powered lithium-particle batteries give up to 30 minutes of murmur calm runtime and are perfect with all iON devices
  • Progressive battery-controlled, self-moved two-organize snow blower
  • Cutting-edge 4-speed digital drive system (3-speed XPORT for rapid return at the end of a snow-clearing run)
  • Serrated steel wood screw climbs to 1000 lbs of snow for each moment; cuts a way 24 in. wide by 13 in. profound without harming surface
  • Thumb-control 180° auto-turn flexible chute tosses snow up to 32 ft
  • One-gave lock-and-modify chute diverter to put the powder decisively where you need it
  • Double 3 W LED headlamps light the path for safe evening time snow expulsion
  • Ergonomic trigger holds give ideal solace and decrease worry from crushing for open to clearing
  • Ground-breaking 2500W brushless engine expands battery productivity, amplifies engine execution, diminishes commotion and vibration and broadens engine life
  • TracAssist snow tires for most extreme footing in winter-climate conditions

Efficiency of a Battery

The main thing you'll see about the Snow Joe ION8024-XR is that it's a battery fueled self-impelled, two-arrange snow blower. Generally, two-arrange snow blowers have just been accessible as gas-fueled machines, yet that is false any longer.

The upside of having an electric snow blower fueled by a battery-powered battery rather than a gas-controlled one is that you can have the intensity of a two-arrange framework with all the proficiency, quietness, and emanation free advantages of an electric one – all without a power harmony.

This is altogether made conceivable with 2500 watts of intensity that is provided by a 80v engine. This engine is associated with two 40v 5AH EcoSharp battery-powered lithium-particle batteries, which implies you won't lose control as the battery release.

With the Snow Joe ION8024-XR's heap detecting innovation, you'll have the option to get 30 minutes of run time on a full battery. When the battery runs out, simply plug it in to charge them. On the off chance that you need over 30 minutes worth of working time, you can buy more batteries and chargers to switch between as required.

Incorporated Push-Button Display and LED Headlamps

The Snow Joe ION8024-XR highlights an incorporated, straightforward push-catch show with LEDs to demonstrate battery control, chute bearing, and speed. This, joined with basic, well-stamped controls that are directly before you makes working the Snow Jos ION8024-XR simple to work.

It likewise accompanies 3 LED headlamps that make working this machine in low light or evening time conditions a lot simpler. This implies you can undoubtedly work promptly toward the beginning of the day, late into the night, or at whenever amid short winter days.

Worked for Tough Conditions

With the 4-speed driving framework, the Snow Joe ION8024-XR enables you to slice through the snow in even the hardest conditions. At the point when the snow isn't as thick, you can utilize less capacity to preserve vitality to broaden your working time.

The 4-speed framework is joined with a substantial serrated steel wood screw that beats 1000 pounds for each moment with little exertion. The wood screw lodging is worked to clear a way of snow up to 24" wide and 13" profound. This is effectively enough for the greater part of you who are hoping to clear snow from your ways and garages at different profundities.

Furthermore, the Snow Joe ION8024-XR comprises of a ground scrubber that enables you to clear snow right to the ground while as yet keeping up the capacity to move over hindrances.

The impeller shoots snow out of the 180-degree chute that is effectively pivoted from your control board at a noteworthy 32 feet, making it simple to get the snow far from the work zone toward any path.


  • Being electric, this snow blower is a lot calmer than its gas-controlled partners.
  • This snow blower is self-pushed, making it simple to travel through the snow.
  • This is a two-arrange snow blower, which implies the twist drill will pound up the snow before sending it to be tossed out of the chute, which makes for increasingly productive expulsion of particularly intense snow.
  • The batteries keep going around 30 minutes on a full charge, however on the off chance that you need over 30 minutes worth of working time, you can without much of a stretch change out the batteries.
  • 30 minutes worth of working time, you can without much of a stretch change out the batteries. The tossing separation is bounty, and the way that you can turn the chute 180-degrees makes for adaptable situation of that snow.


  • The batteries take a couple of hours to charge, so you have to design your work with this snow blower ahead of time.
  • While 30 minutes of battery life is useful for those with short or ordinary length garages, it might be a bother for clients who need to cover a bigger surface territory. 


The Snow Joe ION8024-XR is a standout amongst the most exceptional electric snow blowers available. Having a two-arrange snow blower controlled by battery-powered batteries is a major bit of leeway to clients who are searching for something that can clean up their walkways and garages rapidly and proficiently with little exertion.

Snow Joe ION8024-XR Cordless Two Stage Snow Blower | 24-Inch | 80 Volt | 2 x 5 Ah Batteries | 4-Speed | Headlights

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