• Alesis Melody 61 MKII Review

    The Alesis Melody 61 MKII is intended for children, and intended to speak to marginally more seasoned children who need an adult style piano console setup, and would prefer not to feel like they are playing with a toy. It’s an extraordinary method to acquaint kids with playing the piano, and has every one of the frill and capacities that will make any child feel like a hero. The Alesis Melody 61 MKII is a 61-key console with an amazing 300 instrument voices and 300 inherent backup rhythms. It has 40 demo melodies, and comes total with a console stand,

  • Yamaha YPT260 Review

    The Yamaha YPT260 61-Key Portable Keyboard is refined enough to give the two beginners and middle of the road piano players with a scope of melodic decisions, articulations, and encounters that make it an incredible interest in a melodic adventure. The Yamaha YPT260 61-Key Portable Keyboard is intended for learners, and simple to use for even total novices. It has worked in training highlights to make learning the piano quick and fun. It’s lightweight and compact, ready to be fueled with batteries for open air play. However, it likewise has further developed advanced piano highlights for progressively modern sounds and

  • Casio SA76 Review

    In case you’re searching for a solid, inventive interest that your children could engage with, you’ve presumably thought about music. In any case, of course, most locate that numerous melodic instruments are a slight bit too costly to be in any way utilized as just toys. On the off chance that you’re one of those, the Casio SA-76 is for you. The Casio SA-76 isn’t a console for everybody. Actually, it’s exceptionally troublesome for us to call this a passage level console. Since you can barely consider it that. It’s only a fun instrument that Casio made in view of

  • RockJam 61-Key Electronic Keyboard Piano Review

    In the event that you are in the music business, you most likely know the significance of a console. You can form, record, play and even transfer your very own melodies to let the entire world know about it. On the off chance that you run over a console that accompanies stool, control supply, earphones, and stand, it will just improve upon the arrangement for you. This is the reason we are here to talk about an interesting item that has taken the music world with a prodigy. This ponder item is known as the RockJam 61-Key Electronic Keyboard. Features

  • RockJam 54-Key Portable Electronic Keyboard Review

    With the RockJam 54-Key Portable Electronic Keyboard, anybody can figure out how to play the piano, regardless of their age or their expertise level. It’s intended to make your first piano console fun, intriguing, intelligent, basic, and connecting with, to pick up your advantage and keep you returning and assembling your abilities after some time. The RockJam 54-Key Portable Electronic Keyboard is intended for even little kids, to make a fun diversion out of figuring out how to play the piano. Be that as it may, the full-sized keys, assortment of accessible sounds, and solid highlights settle on it an