Marcy Smith Cage Workout Machine Total Body Training Home Gym System

To help you as you continued looking for the most perfectly awesome home rec center gear, the Diamond Elite Smith Cage from Marcy offers an across the board exercise station for genuine home rec center quality preparing. A double capacity leg engineer, press bar with fixed direction, low pulley with stool, pec deck station, high link hybrid, free weight squat rack and a different Marcy Olympic weight seat make this a definitive bit of home exercise center hardware. Work all real muscle bunches securely and adequately with the included flexible gets, wellbeing plugs and “Ultra-Glide” straight course.

Not at all like your normal smith machine, the Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage framework offers pulley capacities worked with a free movement framework that complements every exactness practice executed. Six Olympic weight plate stockpiling pegs enable you to sort out your quality preparing gear while a minimal and uncompromising rounded steel configuration guarantees long stretches of utilization in your own home exercise center.


  • Casing structure includes a seven degree incline intended to suit the normal upper and lower body developments.
  • Pen uprights include chrome plated precious stone striker plates, business grade bar and security catch, and brilliant one inch chrome control bars.
  • Elevated base frame design provides increased stability.
  • Customizable bar gets and wellbeing plugs.
  • Double activity leg designer with six larger than average roller cushions and column/twist bar. Appropriate turn point on leg designer for muscle disengagement.
  • High pulley link hybrids permit full pectoral exercise.
  • Includes lat bar, triceps rope, shiver bar, ankle strap, chrome row handle and two single handles.
  • Chrome sliding track for easy pop pin back pad angle adjustments.
  • Six Olympic plate storage pegs.

Marcy Smith Cage System

The most ideal approach to improve your quality and bulk is utilizing free loads, for example, a bar or hand weights. The Smith framework gives a more secure approach to practice since the movement is progressively controlled, and you can rapidly return the bar if there should be an occurrence of a crisis. Consequently, you may prepare without the need of a spotter (in spite of the fact that for lifting overwhelming an assistant is constantly required to avert wounds.)

Because of expert straight bearing on the smith machine the hand weight moves easily without irritating catching. It needn’t bother with much support, simply utilize a silicone splash now and again.

The greatest weight limit of the Smith station is 300 lb which is reasonable for home coaches, however not for cutting edge weightlifters. A few clients use it over that heap (350-400 lb), yet I would not suggest staying away from breakage and wounds.

The most noteworthy hand weight catchers are underneath 80 inches, so taller folks, above 6.2 feet discover it somewhat low when squat. Additionally, the space between the bar gets are somewhat long, there are just 9 levels. Consequently, somebody may discover somewhat awkward to locate the ideal settings for his tallness for explicit activities. Increasingly thick free weight gets would be valuable.

Adjustable Weight Bench

With the framework, you likewise get the movable Marcy Diamond Elite seat. It is a FID seat so you can change it to slope, decay and level positions giving considerably more kinds of activities. For instance, you can do slant seat press that works your upper pecs better.

The seat accompanies a leg advancement connection that works easily and gives a phenomenal preparing background. The most extreme weight you can use on the leg designer is 100 lb. Likewise, you get a minister biceps cushion which is expansive and has open to cushioning and edge. Coaches like it.

In any case, evacuating the referenced connections isn’t that simple since they are blasted. Along these lines migrating the exercise seat is somewhat confused (it is substantial), and the backrest is short for taller folks if the connections are on. Thus, a few clients got a lighter level seat rather for seat and military squeezing.

The most extreme burden the seat can stand is 300 lb. A progressively powerful seat would be great, yet enough for the majority of us.

To aggregate up, the seat itself isn’t awful it gives a decent exercise understanding to a large portion of the mentors. In any case, expelling the connections and moving it is somewhat confounded.

Full Body Workout

The plan of the Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage is incredible. You can achieve each activity on this one machine that you can in the exercise center. The smith machine capacities extraordinary in the press or squat positions. This machine likewise has separate arms that give pec flys. There are likewise high and low pulleys to work the chest, back, shoulders and arms. Notwithstanding working your legs with the squat rack, you can likewise use a leg designer to perform augmentations or twists. The Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage likewise accompanies a lat bar, triceps rope, shudder bar, lower leg lash, chrome push handle and two single handles so you can explore different avenues regarding your activities.

Durability and Robustness

When we buy a weight preparing machine, for this situation, a multifunctional home exercise center, the strength, and solidness are two key highlights that we should look at.

The Marcy MD-9010G is made of 14 checks rock solid rounded steel and weighs just about 250 lb. Both are great signs that we are discussing a tough development. The weight plate pegs really can hold up to 600 lb, the Smith limit is 300 lb, and the pulley has 200 lb, so the framework must be well-made. The greater part of the parts are secured with hostile to consumption polish, and the bars are chrome covered for solidness. To aggregate up, for home use it is irrefutably appropriate.

As should be obvious, the Marcy confine home rec center has a kind of off-the-floor stabilizers giving extraordinary security to it. What’s more, its own weight is around 250 lb, so that likewise gives better equalization. Consequently, there is no compelling reason to bore it to the ground, yet utilizing the elastic exercise center tangle is suggested for floor assurance and most extreme security. To entirety up, Marcy Diamond Elite home rec center is a strong piece that is ideal for home use.

Assembly and Maintenance

The get together of this Marcy wellness machine is clear, and the provided manual gives entirely far reaching gathering guidelines. Be that as it may, since it’s a mind boggling machine, the entire procedure will take up to 4-5 hours. Since it’s not actually a light wellness hardware, you’ll need no less than two individuals for transporting the crates into your home. Additionally because of its weight, it’s not actually intended to be moved once it’s gathered. Devices for get together are not provided. You will require two flexible wrenches and a Phillips screwdriver.

With regards to upkeep, the main viewpoint to consider is lubing the straight metal rollers which append the press bar onto its coasting bars. Light oil or WD-40 is prescribed for it.


  • Incredible cost for its highlights
  • Broadened number of activities
  • Safe and durable structure/frame
  • Press bar integrating linear ball bearings for smooth and stable operation
  • Safety stoppers and guide rods included in the Marcy Smith machine design
  • Smooth pulley and cable movement
  • Built to last for years with very little maintenance
  • Quiet operation


  • At 300 lbs, the Marcy Smith Machine is hard to move around.
  • Requires at least 10 x 10 feet of space
  • Requires oil so the chrome bars don’t make commotion


This is a genuine home exercise center setup that can give you a full body exercise in the solace of your own home. This machine has the nature of a club rec center, yet the value that is inside reach for a great deal of shoppers. Like any home exercise center, it has a couple of impediments, however the Marcy Diamond Elite is all around surveyed and an incredible speculation for the cash. Very suggested.

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