Marcy ME-709 Magnetic Resistance Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

The Marcy ME-709 Recumbent Exercise Bike is a financial limit inviting stationary bicycle that has some alluring highlights. These incorporate fore and toward the back movability, flexible handles, variable opposition, and a screen for review exercise details.

This model additionally has a higher client weight limit than most exercise bicycles in its value extend, so it will suit an expansive range of individuals.


Above all else, the cost of this prostrate bicycle is unimaginable! Marcy has scored a success with this very low-evaluated prostrate bicycle. Be that as it may, there's no compelling reason to begin thinking "low value, low quality". Furthermore, you will discover why after our entire audit.

The bicycle has a stage through plan. Accordingly, jumping on and off the bicycle is speedy and simple. Additionally, the supine plan clearly assists with bringing down the weight on your knees and back.

A great many people really discover enthusiasm for this bicycle due to the low cost and its solace. For the most part, any supine exercise bicycle has an all around padded seat with an amazing back help. The Marcy ME-709 is no special case either. It has a padded seat with a solid backrest for the ideal help.

I would not stress over the development of this bicycle. It feels quite durable with a most extreme client limit of 300 pounds. Along these lines, in the event that you don't begin power shelling the bicycle, at that point it is going to keep going long.

Run of the mill prostrate bicycle obstruction! Marcy ME-709 accompanies 8 degrees of attractive obstruction. It doesn't offer that significant level power and it is unquestionably not on the most minimal side. Be that as it may, the bicycle gives you something to get into a decent exercise shape. Leg stabilizers on the front and back make the bicycle stable. Additionally, it has a not too bad presentation with enormous readings accessible. Also, there is no shy of measurements on the presentation.

Smart Design

Marcy structured this bicycle to be anything but difficult to mount and descent with its progression through plan. While different bicycles may cause injury while you attempt to get on, this model lessens that hazard. Simply stroll through and plunk down. This component makes it a superb bicycle for seniors.

The incredible plan doesn't stop there. Marcy constructed this bicycle with substantial parts that aren't intended to last. You will discover 14-check steel tubing and other strong parts.


Something I like on prostrate bicycles is the support. As a rule, they have various projects so anybody can have the ideal beginning with the bicycle. Furthermore, supine bicycles will in general offer the best working consoles.

This bicycle has a low cost. Truly, it makes sense why they forgot about remembering any kind of projects for the reassure.

At any rate, there is no grievance with respect to the measurements on the support. Marcy ME-709 offers all the significant measurements you would expect on any great exercise bicycle. Therefore, you can follow and deal with your advancement making progress toward your wellness objectives.

The bicycle lets you track calories consumed, separation, time, speed, and so on. Different highlights incorporate output and odometer. There are three catches to use on the comfort. You can utilize the mode catch to choose a measurement. There are likewise set and reset button for included accommodation.

The other thing about the presentation is its readings. There are numerous bicycles that furnish a presentation with little readings. Subsequently, you sort of need like a magnifying lens or something to get an unmistakable vision. In any case, this bicycle offers an unmistakable perusing because of the bigger numbers.

Eight Resistance Levels

Tim Church, an analyst at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center, revealed to NPR that interim preparing is "a proficient method to build your wellness rapidly." If that is something you need to seek after, you need a bicycle with a few obstruction settings.

The eight settings on the Marcy ME-709 permit you to pedal seriously for a brief timeframe and afterward delayed down. At the point when you rehash this cycle, you complete interim preparing, which can assist you with getting fitter quicker. The simple to-turn handle makes exchanging a sync.

The eight opposition levels aren't only for the individuals who need to rehearse interim preparing. It can likewise assist you with continueing to propel yourself as you get more grounded. At the point when one level gets excessively simple, turn the handle. In case you're feeling off one day, turn it back for a simpler exercise.


This bicycle has handlebars around the seat and on the front edge. I would have enjoyed a heartbeat grasp sensors on the handlebars for pulse perusing. Tragically, this bicycle doesn't offer that.

I generally value having handlebars around the seat on a supine bicycle. They add to the solace of the seat. You can without much of a stretch rest your arms or elbow on the handlebars as you are accelerating on. That is quite ameliorating, right?

Presently, I truly don't comprehend why supine bicycles incorporate the front handlebars. By and large, individuals take a shot at prostrate bicycles while sitting back on the agreeable seat. How is the front handlebar expected to help? Marcy ME-709 has a bar structured handlebar just beneath the support. It would have been acceptable expansion in the event that you could stand and pedal on the bicycle. In any case, I don't accept that is conceivable right now.


Pedals are irksome on practice bicycles when they are little. Accordingly, not every person can place their feet in effortlessly. Thus, practicing on those bicycles is rarely that consoling.

Uplifting news for you is that Marcy ME-709 offers extra-huge pedals. The pedals give a decent surface region to place your feet in easily. Subsequently, you can work having a reliable accelerating movement.

Besides, the bicycle furnishes pedal lashes or safety belts with the pedals. This permits a more secure exercise. What's more, there is no compelling reason to stress over your feet sneaking off from the pedals regardless of whether you pedal like Usain Bolt runs.

Padded Seat

On the off chance that your supine bicycle is awkward to sit on, will you ever need to utilize it? Numerous individuals would not. That is the reason this bicycle incorporates a cushioned seat that is agreeable to sit on.

Not exclusively is the seat cushioned, however it is likewise intended to accommodate your body. While some bicycle seats appear to neutralize you, this one forms to you.


  • Agreeable seat.
  • Simple gathering.
  • Very Sturdy
  • Quiet
  • Incredible cost


  • No preset program is a major misfortune.
  • Just 300 lbs max support


Marcy ME-709 recumbent exercise bike is an incredible machine. If its all the same to you extreme seat adjustment framework and you are under 300 lbs, this bike is unquestionably worth considering. Because of its incredible plan, strong development and quiet I would recommend it to any home rec center.

Marcy ME-709 Magnetic Resistance Recumbent Exercise Bike

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