Lucid L300 Adjustable Bed Base Review

Lucid, famous brand name in beddings portion, has now adventure into customizable beds too. Much the same as it's sleeping cushions, even its customizable bed Lucid L300 is overly reasonable and the quickest in addition to most elevated selling movable bed in the market today.

In spite of the fact that it does exclude top of the line highlights of a premium customizable bed, yet at this value it has basically every essential fundamental element. You will be amazed to realize that the cost of this bed is not as much as that of a 14 inch premium sleeping pad. That is what is Lucid is well known for, offering best highlights at low costs.

Tilt Adjustments

60 degrees of head section adjustment and 45 degrees of foot section adjustment means that Lucid adjustable bed offers pretty much all types of positions from watching TV, working on laptop and zero gravity.

Apart from FLAT position, the remaining ones are not included as preset positions, you have to do them manually. But the remote does offer one memory savable positions, which means you can tune to your favourite angle and save it on your remote.

Manual Adjustments

Changing the head segment to 30 degrees will help open up air valves and fills in as an enemy of wheeze position.

With head segment at either 45 degrees or 60 degrees you can easily chip away at your PC, sit in front of the TV or appreciate a relaxing position.

Furthermore, head area at either 30 degrees or 45 degrees and foot segment lifted somewhat upwards, you can appreciate zero-gravity position to unwind and revive your body and muscles following a boisterous day.

Remote Control Features

Lucid adjustable bed’s wireless remote control comes with a simple intuitive user interface as depicted in the image below.

The usefulness offers
  • Head and foot segment changes
  • One memory savable position M1
  • Flat button to bring back the head and foot sections simultaneously to flat position
  • An electric lamp that can fill in as your light at midnight hour

Sleeping cushion Retention System

Like all fundamental movable beds, Lucid likewise offers maintenance bars at foot level. These retainers hold the bedding splendidly in its place keeping away from the sleeping cushion from slipping downwards or sideways while performing both head and foot changes.


The tallness of Lucid bed is fixed at 15 inches from the beginning. It doesn't offer extra lengths for stature flexibility which generally is for the most part an element made accessible just by top of the line customizable beds.

If there should be an occurrence of flexible beds, anything between 13 inches and 15 inches starting from the earliest stage considered as a perfect stature for both short just as tall individuals.

This space can likewise be viably used for capacity reason. Also, as Lucid L300 accompanies a remote, you need not stress over wires going head to head with your possessions put away under the bed.

USB Ports

Offering aggregate of 4 USB ports is in actuality a component keeping pace with top of the line flexible beds like Leggett and Platt's Prodigy 2.0 and Reverie 8Q.

While most movable beds in low end classification don't offer even a solitary USB port in the lead position, Lucid L300 offering 4 USB ports, 2 on each side of the bed is maybe an unmistakable one of a kind selling point that places Lucid a long ways in front of different brands and settles on it a favored decision in low end section.

Lucid being the most recent brand to wander into movable beds, maybe, has clearly scored over its counterparts by offering USB 4 ports.

It has tapped an unexplored component in low-end flexible bed fragment and this is definitely a novel selling point that places Lucid a long ways in front of different brands and settles on it a favored decision in low end section.


The engine is ultra calm and does not create any irritating commotion. It has remarkable lift limit of 750 lbs which is the most elevated and keeping pace with top of the line flexible beds.

Indeed, even while lifting the head and foot segments, the lift cylinders are amazingly smooth, moderate and solid and help you accomplish your preferred position to an exact dimension of exactness.


Lucid, which was basically into sleeping pad industry, is another player in customizable beds portion. Be that as it may, Lucid has exploited by breaking down wide scope of essential customizable beds.

The organization has implanted a few propelled highlights into its essential model in this way deserting all other low-end flexible beds that were in the market for quite a while now.

For instance, practically all essential flexible beds accompany just wired remote control. Be that as it may, Lucid has thought of remote control.

While no other low-end flexible bed offers memory savable position. Lucid L300 offers 1 memory savable position. So also, other fundamental movable beds don't offer even a solitary USB port. This is the where, Lucid has abandoned its counterparts by offering all out 4 USB ports.

The power reinforcement highlight for the bed to return to level position if there should be an occurrence of a power disappointment is a propelled highlight offered by just top of the line customizable beds. Yet, Lucid has given two 9-volt battery spaces in its capacity supply box that help the sleeping cushion to come back to level position if there should be an occurrence of a power blackout.

Remembering all the above cutting edge highlights implanted in an essential movable bed has what made Lucid L300 customizable bed to get up to speed with all other driving venders in an extremely limited ability to focus time.

LUCID L300 Adjustable Bed Base - 5 Minute Assembly - Dual USB Charging Stations

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