LG LW1216ER Energy Star Window Air Conditioner Review

Air Conditioner resemble medical aid packs and jumper links. They're happily off the radar until required, and afterward when all of a sudden they are (it for the most part feels abrupt, regardless of whether we ought to have seen it coming), they're required at the present time! This desperation breeds momentary arrangements, for example, acquiring, motivation purchasing, or managing.

We started with the LG LW1216ER 12000 BTU Window Air Conditioner, touted as being truly outstanding for enormous spaces. Discover how the AC unit fared and on the off chance that it satisfied its charm.

At 81 pounds, this unit is substantial and requires two individuals able to do truly difficult work to ship it and introduce it into a standard twofold balanced window with an opening of 16 inches high and 27 to 39 inches wide.


As our pick for the best performing calm AC for bigger spaces, the LG LW1216ER is a 115V, 12,000 BTU unit and works for spaces 550 square feet or littler. Extraordinary for rapidly chilling your room off, it has an energy proficiency proportion of 12.1, and an on/off 24-hour clock.

"Commentators state the unit is anything but difficult to utilize and among the calmer window air conditioners they've possessed, particularly on lower speeds," says The Spruce. "Many rave about how cool it keeps bigger spaces, notwithstanding when the temperature is high as can be."


This Energy Star-affirmed AC unit far surpassed our desires. With 12,000 BTUs, it's intended to deal with a room up to 550 square feet and offers a 12.1 energy productivity proportion (EER). The EER is the proportion of the cooling limit (BTUs) to the power (watts) it utilizes; the higher the proportion, the better. Energy-proficient units (those with the Energy Star name) work in any event 10 percent more effectively than least government measures.

It additionally offers dehumidification of 3.8 pints every hour to help expel abundance dampness from your space, just as LG-licensed Gold Fin hostile to consumption covering, a defensive shield that enables units to last more.

This AC immediately cooled our huge room, which has an area of around 450 square feet. When we tried it with our appended restroom entryway open (which knock up the joined area to around 525), it rapidly air-adapted that additional space also.

Dehumidification Function

Control your indoor moistness level with our creative dehumidification work. It blends cool dry air, with the warm air to keep you agreeable and counteract overcooling. It can even set aside you cash.

Other Features

  • 3 Cooling & Fan Speeds with Auto Cool
  • Power Failure Auto Restart
  • 4-Way Air Direction
  • Timer 24 Hr. On/Off


The commotion level of this bigger unit is more prominent than the past Haier models however that will be normal given it cools a greater space. It is still tranquil as far as dBa yield, coming in at 52 for the indoor clamor level and 60 for the outside of the unit.

The unit itself is present day and appealing, with a standard window AC machine look, and fits in well with most sorts of stylistic theme. It's square shaped, white, and measures around 22 by 15 by 24 inches. You might need to call a solid companion (or two) to enable you to put this unit in as it weighs approximately 80 pounds.ly

The fan speed is somewhat delayed to change, expecting 5 to 10 seconds to switch once chose. Be that as it may, the velocities don't appear to contrast much from one another. In spite of the fact that some may consider this to be a con, it's a piece of what makes the AC unit so peaceful. In the event that you happen to utilize this as an extra to a trailer, you may need to discover a type of answer for the absence of included back-grille to ensure against trash and bugs when in movement.

LG LW1216ER Energy Star Window Air Conditioner

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