Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar Review

With regards to amazingly reasonable acoustic guitars, the market is flooded with a scope of models from a wide range of brands – some are commonly recognized names, similar to Fender and Yamaha, while others are less known. Sitting in the last class is Jasmine, who maybe aren't too known as the greater brands, however surely realize how to hold their own with regards to delivering a quality instrument for under hundred bucks. Their S35 is a demonstration of this!

Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar, Natural

The Build Quality

Most shabby acoustic guitars made in a manufacturing plant mechanical production system frequently have defects in their development. In many examples, the issue is typically the assemble. All things considered, make sure to assess your Jasmine S35 once it is conveyed to guarantee that its development is immaculate with zero missteps in its gathering. This present guitar's cost is essentially diminished gratitude to the manufactured bone nut and seat.

The seat may be set excessively high for certain individuals, however once more, that issue can be rapidly and effectively settled by a fast visit to a guitar shop. We prescribe a check up subsequent to buying your guitar to guarantee that it is working at an ideal dimension. All things considered, innovation has made it simpler for individuals to do numerous things that would somehow or another expect you to jump further into your pocket.


Regarding equipment, there's nothing too unprecedented here either. However the parts Jasmine decides on make this a solid guitar. At the base, there's a rosewood connect combined with an engineered bone remunerated seat and a nut made of a similar material. At the headstock, there's a lot of chrome-secured fixed tuners, which carry out their responsibility and hold tuning moderately well, in spite of the fact that not exactly as steady as a portion of its companions.

Body And Neck

Obviously, while Jasmine offers great quality, it's typical to expect a specific dimension of trade off when purchasing in this value go. For this situation it's the utilization of overlaid materials and an average setup on landing. Notwithstanding, both of these issues can be normal at under $100.

The S35 highlights an alluring 25.5" scale length battleship body produced using X-propped overlaid spruce on the top, combined with covered nato back and sides. The neck is likewise produced using nato, topped with a sensibly smooth rosewood fretboard, 20 worries and basic pearloid speck decorates. There's nothing excessively extravagant about this model, however it's a gorgeous acoustic with a smooth glossy silk complete, a tough form and smooth playability. You can't request considerably more!


The S35 brags of a warm, smooth tone that involves well-adjusted lows and highs. For a passage level guitar, the S35 sounds anything besides shoddy. Furthermore, the overlay with the exceptional glossy silk complete loans considerably greater quality to the guitar's sound mark. Likewise, the regular glossy silk complete is in charge of the S35's streamlined sound. Other than its decent and rich tone, the S35's volume is shockingly high as well. Section level guitars more often than not aren't uproarious; yet this guitar figures out how to emerge.

Why Buy the S35?

The Jasmine S35 is ideal for individuals who have not dealt with a guitar previously and might want to purchase a cheap piece. The guitar is light on the pocket and furthermore in weight, which likewise makes it perfect for voyaging. In any case, it isn't that light on highlights, and a middle of the road guitar player would consequently likewise be slanted to comprehend what the S35 offers.

In case you're an amateur, it simply doesn't bode well to spend too much on an acoustic guitar. At this stage, you most likely aren't sure whether you are totally into guitars are definitely not. In the event that you happen to lose enthusiasm for the instrument half a month or days in the wake of playing it, you would remain to lose more cash on the off chance that you had begun with an increasingly premium guitar. In the event that the guitar was generally economical, the money related gouge wouldn't be that much.

In addition, playing and acing a guitar takes some time. In the event that you begin with a progressed or complex guitar immediately, learning the instrument would turn into a ton troublesome, which would just debilitate you further. Thusly, till you achieve a position where you can unquestionably consider yourself a guitarist, it's savvy to spend less cash on a guitar.


  • Extremely affordable
  • Produces great sound relative to its price
  • Perfect first or practice guitar


  • Not equipped with electronics
  • Has a sound that isn't generally for expert players


The Jasmine S35 is a profoundly moderate guitar that will prove to be useful in the event that you are working on a little spending plan and want to figure out how to play. Contrasted with most guitars as of now available, it is a superior wagered on account of its propelled highlights and simplicity of play. It may require some calibrating every so often, yet it will assume the tenderfoot job to flawlessness whenever given an opportunity.

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