Intex 77in PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set Review

You can run over a wide range of sorts of these portable hot tubs and spas that are accessible in the market today. It is a little portable bubble massage spa, which when exhausted with water can be effectively exchanged to another area. It comes total with a pneumatic machine with which you can expand the tub inside the season of 15 minutes. When it has been swelled, water is included and the warming units are initiated.

In addition, you can even overlap it and level if not used. The portable bubble massage spa can likewise be taken a gander at as a bit of gorgeous yard furniture. It gives a pleasant looking Scandinavian hot tubs and impact wooden hot tubs with bunches of adornments which you can buy from within or the outside of your home.

Pleasantries, for example, practice gear, lighting, amusement frameworks and water sirs would all be able to be added to your hot tub to give you more spa experience. The portable spas are winding up progressively famous as they are anything but difficult to set up and run. You can run over numerous families who are changing over their restrooms to suit the establishment of an indoor portable bubble massage spa tub to make their unwinding focus progressively helpful and private.

Inflates Quickly

This little portable bubble massage spa can be expanded in all respects rapidly, you will just need to expel the back board, append the air hose and push the begin catch.

Warmth Pump

The warmth siphon of the portable bubble massage spa is powerful as it holds the water to an invigorating 104 degrees. The warmth, which is created in the tub, is kept up with the assistance of a protected spread. The warmth siphon likewise keeps the bugs out and naturally snaps with a self-locking framework.

Control Panel

You can without much of a stretch utilize the controls of this hot tub. This is a direct result of the basic advanced control boards. You can choose the best possible temperature without being confounded. You can likewise turn the advanced control board to one hundred and twenty warmed bubble splashes on and off. You will likewise not need to stress over the wellbeing of the control board in light of the fact that the organization has done it for you. You can likewise locate a hard plastic lift-up that covers the board from connecting with water.

Hard-Water Treatment System

You can buy this hot tub with an implicit hard water treatment framework. It is sufficient to delicate relieving of clean water when you swim in the unit.


You will get this tub with a smooth surface that gives most extreme solace to you and your family. Here, it is important to make reference to that this portable bubble massage spa can undoubtedly oblige up to four people at any given moment. I haven't got any inclination so far that the tub is applying some weight or making any odd sounds. You won't locate any inherent seats, so you should sit at the base of the tub. It feels like as though however you are perched on a swelled sleeping pad.

Insulated Cover and Lock

It is this component, which helps a great deal in diminishing warmth misfortune. They additionally make the item more secure as you use it.


  • Entirely solid and made of value materials
  • Inflatable spread keeps the water temperature stable
  • Small size allows it to be installed even indoors
  • Simple to set-up and can be put away easily when not being used


  • Consumes a fairly high amount of electricity
  • Unit is prone to deflating and needs to be pumped with air regularly


This Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set is as yet the best portable inflatable hot tub that you can ever utilize. There will be no issues in utilizing it. It will likewise be feasible for you to move this portable inflatable hot cylinder starting with one spot then onto the next dependent on your necessities and wants.

Intex 77in PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set

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