Greenworks PRO 20-Inch 80V Cordless Snow Thrower Review

Many would love disposing of their gas fueled snow blower yet loathe the possibility of a corded unit. GreenWorks worked that out with the GreenWorks Pro 80V snow hurler, a unit they guarantee to effectively supplant gas gear. While the model is the battery fueled form of the corded electric model 2601302, can it truly be that amazing?


  • Brushless engine innovation
  • Clears walkways, porches, garage and others with clearing way of 20 inches
  • Lithium particle battery of 80V limit with run time of 45 minutes and 2.5Ah battery
  • Pivoting chute with 180 degree is available for relocation of snow
  • Has clearing profundity of 10 inches
  • Minimal plan which is anything but difficult to overlap for capacity or transport
  • 2Ah battery
  • Measurements incorporate 31 x 21.6 x 37 inches
  • Weight of item: 33 pounds


Once unloaded, you'll be taking a gander at a simple to amass 37 x 21.6 x 31 inches unit gauging 33 pounds. The plastic case won't make you feel extremely sure, yet it's actually just to make the snow blower lightweight.

A short time later, the support free and calm brushless engine innovation will make your life simpler. GreenWorks Pro 80V demonstrates simple to push through snow, clearing ways of 20-inch width and 10-inch profundity.

The double driven lights and the calm working with negligible vibrations will give you a chance to utilize it day and night. It shouldn't take more than one begin to acknowledge that it is so natural to work with it.

In case you're intending to handle heaps of snow higher than 10 inches, you will simply need to design numerous passes. Simply ensure you're utilizing the wrench switch to control the chute and keep it clear of snow.

Convenient and Comfortable

The Greenworks snow blower is a cordless model that gives an advantageous method to dispose of the snow heaped up in your garage and different spots. The nonappearance of intensity string disposes of any problem you have in overseeing long and oftentimes tangling lines, which influence your usefulness and versatility.

Further the battery control guarantees you need not need to fill the gas consistently preceding beginning work. You need to simply ensure the battery is completely accused before you beginning of the snow blower. The push catch control begin encourages you to clear snow rapidly immediately.

The snow blower produces insignificant vibration guaranteeing you gather up the snow whenever of the day without stressing over aggravating your neighbors with the vibration. The LED headlights present close to the front handlebars give the required lighting, so you can clear up notwithstanding when there is no daylight to direct you.


The snow blower is controlled by a lithium particle battery of 2Ah power that has a working time of 45 minutes. This is sufficiently adequate to tidy up moderate measured carports and other comparable estimated regions. The blower likewise has the office to move up to higher controlled battery of 4 Ah, so you can get twofold the span of time similarly as with the 2Ah battery.

You can likewise revive the battery to utilize it for longer time. The battery takes around 30 minutes to achieve full charge. You can likewise utilize an extra battery, in the event that you have a bigger territory to clear.

The DigiPro engine of brushless sort utilizes a chute with 180 degrees revolution that has vertical developments as well. This empowers you to utilize various edges to shoot the snow and clear it viably. The snow blower is fit for cutting snow upto 10 inches and passes over snow to around 25 feet. It can clear snow of 500 pounds in a moment.


  • Light in weight consequently simple to utilize
  • Its battery charges quick
  • Calm to work along these lines can be utilized whenever of the day
  • Eco-accommodating, with zero exhaust and carbon emanations
  • Vibrations are negligible
  • Cordless operation


  • It as of now underpins just a single 80 volts 2 Ah Li-Ion battery
  • It isn't self-impelled, so it requires some pushing
  • It doesn't accompany an additional battery to save you from holding up until it revives
  • Battery substitution is expensive


GreenWorks Pro 80V is an electric snow blower a bit excessively advanced, however clients make it clear. For a battery fueled machine, insofar as winters are moderate and the snow rather breezy, it brings huge assistance. In the event that you realize that winters aren't light in your general vicinity, don't anticipate that this should be what it can never be. Despite everything you can, be that as it may, to make it your little aide between snow squalls. GreenWorks Pro 80V does some amazing things as long as you regard its physical restrictions.

Greenworks PRO 20-Inch 80V Cordless Snow Thrower, 2.0 AH Battery Included 2600402

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