GreenWorks 20-Inch 12 Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower 25022 Review

The Greenworks 25022 is a module electric grass cutter with a twenty inch wide cutting deck. That width is greater than what is accessible on most correspondingly evaluated electric yard trimmers, and it’s tantamount to what is accessible on numerous gas fueled grass cutters also. The Greenworks 25022 has various other phenomenal highlights that make it one of the better module electric grass cutters accessible today. It has three grass clippings the executives choices incorporated into the underlying price tag: side release, a mulching unit, and a back sack gathering. The cutter has seven stature change choices with a wide range that traverses 1/2 to 3/4 inches so you can generally make certain you are giving your garden the most ideal slice to keep it looking and feeling incredible. Not at all like gas controlled garden trimmers, the Greenworks 25022 is calm, so you can cut your yard whenever of day without aggravating your neighbors. What’s more, it is light and minimal enough that you will have no issue discovering extra room for it or moving it into tight corners of the yard.

Ease of Use

The GreenWorks 25022 is reduced and begins straight up like a fantasy. You plug it in, turn the included security key, and afterward push the starter catch. I’ve had past gas-fueled lawn mowers that make you have a feeling that you’re tearing your shoulder in two when attempting to begin it, however this mower isn’t care for that by any stretch of the imagination.

The mower does not accompany an electrical rope, so in the event that you don’t have one helpful, get a great one. I propose acquiring a 16-check electrical string if your yard is under 40 feet. Something else, a 14-measure rope ought to work. The more you cut with the GreenWorks 25022, the more capable you’ll move toward becoming at staying away from the string. Utilizing a rope all in all for a mower isn’t a perfect arrangement, yet of course, I realized I’d need to manage that when I purchased this mower. In addition simply the way that it utilizes an electrical rope can be irritating since you’re always vigilant for altering the string.

Despite the fact that the GreenWorks 25022 mower isn’t self-moved, it’s anything but difficult to push since it’s not overwhelming. Make certain to look at a portion of the accessible recordings from GreenWorks that exhibit how to work the string retainer and introduce the mulching plug. On the off chance that I had one problem, it’s that the mower isn’t self-pushed.

Cut Quality

In the event that you have never considered that it is so essential to cut with a sharp edge, give uncommon consideration to this section. The nature of any lawn mower’s sliced is legitimately identified with how sharp its cutting edge is. A sharp cutting edge makes a neat and tidy that will mend rapidly. A dull cutting edge hacks at the grass. This outcomes in a worn out cut that leaves the tips of the grass cutting edges open to ailment and progressively inclined to hurtful bug invasion.

So how well does this mower cut with a sharp cutting edge? It matches some other mower. Be that as it may, edge sharpness isn’t the main factor to consider here. The mower’s engine must have enough capacity to turn the sharp edge through the majority of that chlorophyll stock. Something else, the cutting edge will thump some the grass down and skin the sides of the grass edges as opposed to shearing effectively in a straight line over the highest point of the sharp edge. This mower has a lot of capacity to give the top notch cut you need, as long as you are beginning with a sharp edge and aren’t pushing at a nonsensical pace. A typical strolling pace is ideal for cutting an inch off of a lawn of normal thickness.

Special Features

One thing I haven’t referenced at this point about the GreenWorks 25022 electric mower is that you don’t have to disturb rancid gas and, however it requires electricity to run, you’re putting out somewhat less contamination on the planet by utilizing it. Indeed, even in the brief span I’ve had this mower, I’ve seen that the gas smell in our shed (because of our last gas-fueled lawn mower that was in there) has blurred away and hasn’t returned. So not to jump on a soapbox or anything, yet I do feel like I’m doing the condition some great by utilizing the GreenWorks 25022. Other top highlights incorporate great grass-cutting quality, simplicity of wheel-stature modification, a solid motor, simple upkeep (up until now), and a decent cost.

The wheels on my old gas-controlled mower must be independently balanced and were a genuine issue to increase and lower–that is not the situation at all with the GreenWorks 25022, which has only one switch that modifies every one of the four wheels. Despite the fact that some may want to not have one switch that controls the tallness of every one of the four wheels, I observe it to be an extraordinary component. The GreenWorks 25022 can store grass clippings in the back pack, transmit the clippings from a side release zone, or mowers can mulch their lawn, a choice wherein the cutting deck will cut the grass into little pieces that will work to separate the dirt of your yard at a quicker rate. I suggest mulching–in any event every so often for the general soundness of your lawn.


  • Strong cutting deck
  • Great measure of motor power
  • Seven stature alterations for the ideal cut
  • Quiet
  • Lightweight and compact


  • The mower is restricted by its capacity rope
  • Unavoidable decrease of intensity on wet or thick grass


There are a lot of extraordinary motivations to make the progress to electric lawn mowers from gas controlled ones. Not exclusively are these machines calmer and preferred for nature over gas controlled lawn mowers, they additionally will spare you a great deal of cash over the long haul on fuel and support costs. Yet, you would prefer not to lose effectiveness or execution when you change to an electric lawn mower, so it very well may be elusive the correct one for your needs.

The Greenworks 25022 is an extraordinary alternative that takes care of the vast majority of these issues. It has a 20 inch wide cutting deck, so you don’t need to stress over losing productivity when you cut your lawn. It has advantageous alternatives for setting the cutting deck stature and dealing with your grass clippings.

Also, it has enough power that it will most likely overcome harder assortments of grass, in spite of the fact that it might take somewhat more or need a larger number of goes than a gas fueled mower would. Generally this is a strong electric lawn mower at a focused cost.

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