Fitness Reality 810XLT Super Max Power Cage Review

At the point when I began my adventure to get fit again subsequent to dropping out of my daily practice for some time, I realized that I needed to manufacture my very own home rec center. I am a bustling person, and I don’t generally have the opportunity to make a beeline for the neighborhood wellness focus among work and everything else going on.

There was some exploration required to find precisely what I was going to need to assemble one that would get me the outcomes that I was searching for. One of the items I found that I needed was the Fitness Reality 810XLT Power Rack.

A power rack was on my rundown of gear to get, however I needed to do my examination to discover what I could manage. Alongside cost, the squat enclosure must have the option to hold my 150-pound body effectively and remain solidly planted on the ground. I needed something that was anything but difficult to collect since I’m not the best with regards to headings.

Build quality

2″ x 2″ steel tubing and a general load of 133lbs make the Fitness Reality a genuinely steady power rack, in a perfect world, when you are purchasing a power rack you would be searching for the heaviness of the rack to be more than 175-200lb imprint yet then we would be taking a gander at racks double the cost.

The 133lb load of the rack will guarantee some genuinely necessary security however you have to recollect this isn’t a jolt to the floor rack and with a low weight this way, the rack may tilt forward with certain activities. That being said you shouldn’t experience a lot of difficulty as long as you are working inside the rack. With some DIY tinkering, I’m certain you could figure out how to join the edge to the floor for additional soundness.

The Reality Fitness rack has been worked to suit the 7ft Olympic bar length as all racks ought to do, the security bars are strong steel and chrome plated and are 23″ long. J snares are accessible to purchase independently and these are certainly a buy I would prescribe as the bar holders appear to be flawed.

The thickness of the 2″x 2″ steel casing is 00.86 making it 14 measure steel, the industry standard is 11 check, don’t stress a lot over having a higher check.

The higher check will make the rack lighter yet from the numerous surveys I have found out about this rack, it sounds to be truly steady for its weight.


This power rack is moderately clear to assemble. Despite the fact that it doesn’t accompany the bearings, it’s really clear concerning which piece goes where. With only a wrench and attachment you ought to have the option to land the position in less than 60 minutes (however you should have a companion help you).

Hole Spacing

It’s frustrating to see the 3″ gap separating on the 810XLT, while a large number of you will approve of it, some of you will discover the dispersing is excessively wide, we by and large prefer to see 2″ dividing on control racks with the best quality level being 1″-1.5″ however we’re talking $250 here so we can’t expect everything to be great.

3″ dispersing will influence your seat squeezing, you won’t see a lot for hunching down yet for sidelining it very well may be hazardous, so this is something to observe.

On the off chance that you do have issues with the dividing of the Fitness Reality rack, it shouldn’t be too hard to even consider finding some 1″ compressed wood to put underneath when your sidelining, this will limit the hole down to the ideal 2″.

Walk In Space

The measure of stroll in space within a power rack is a critical purchasing thought. It must be adequate to furnish you with opportunity of development to not exclusively do the large moves, for example, squats and deadlifts, yet additionally level grade and decay take a shot at the seat with hand weights or free weights. With the 810XLT, you get the room that you have to do the side developments that you want. The stroll in region is 50.5 inches long by 46.5 inches in width by 83.5 inches in stature. Obviously, this makes for a serious huge impression, be that as it may, insofar as you have the space for it, it is space that is very much used.

Safety Features

A key explanation concerning why you would have a power rack is to guard yourself when you are playing out your substantial lifts, so the wellbeing highlights are a crucial purchasing thought. This rack gives you a lot of it, beginning with the two 23 inch double mounted wellbeing gets, back up by a couple of 3.25-inch self clasping pins. Both of these pieces are produced using tough steel.

Pillar To Pillar Depth

A base profundity of around 23-24″ between columns is worthy, it should give you enough advance and in reverse space for bar travel, enabling you to twist the hand weight easily, which is exactly what the 810XLT has, so an approval here, that is incredible to see from a section level power rack. The 810XLT is a shut power rack, this is actually what jocks are searching for, it helps give the rack that additional strength and inflexibility and significantly takes into consideration a jaw up bar.

Open top racks are extraordinary for standing presses however don’t give you the choice for a jaw up bar, we certainly needn’t bother with an open top rack.


  • Fitness Reality rack can hold up to 800 lb
  • Simple to gather
  • Tough structure
  • Wide stroll in plan
  • Reasonable contrasted with other power racks


  • May be unreasonably short for individuals more than 6-foot tall
  • Requires a ton of room and with the plate stockpiling it must be put away from the divider


An all around evaluated control rack from Fitness Reality, with a weight limit of 800lb, the Fitness Reality 810 rack will suit most weightlifters, I like to see choices for significant additional items, for example, plate holders and plunge bars, they are surely something you will get a lot of utilization from and are typically saved for very good quality racks.

Generally speaking an all around fabricated power rack, ideal for your home exercise center free weight exercises, at a value most can manage.

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