First Act Acoustic Guitar FG127 Review

First Act probably won't be as well known as Yamaha, Ibanez, or even ESP, be that as it may, rest guaranteed, this brand is more than dependable. We're here to review a standout amongst their best guitars, the FG127 acoustic. It comes equipped with an entire arrangement of simple to-utilize, agreeable highlights, among which the tuning heads are the most one of a kind.

This review will cover the highlights, potential focal points, potential imperfections, and the regularly posed inquiries concerning the FG127, in any case, it would be ideal if you remember – we're not here to persuade you to get it, rather to keep you well-educated about your choices.

First Act Acoustic Guitar FG127

Rosewood Bridge and Fingerboard

Rosewood is regularly considered as a "fascinating" material – it's really sturdy, and it vigorously influences the tone quality. Aside from that, when most of your guitar is produced using a solitary material (rosewood, for this situation), it gets a huge lift to consistency.

Thin Frets

The First Act FG127 acoustic guitar comes furnished with uncommonly dainty frets. This may suit individuals with low-paced playing styles, however quick guitarists probably won't care for it that much. In any case, the worry's width hugy affects the playability. Contingent upon how you play this guitar, you'll either adore it or despise it, there's no center ground.

Strong Great Neck

The neck of this guitar includes incredibly solid form materials, among which the materials utilized for the neck are much sturdier than the others. A sturdy neck is less inclined to distorting, in this manner influencing the general sound in an exceptionally positive manner.

Low activity

Another factor that influences the playability is the activity – to be specific, this guitar includes a low activity, which gives a significant lift to this field of execution, yet it includes some significant pitfalls. On the off chance that you're new, the lower the activity is, the higher the danger of awful pitch is. This isn't a standard, however, and there are different intends to adjust for this little downside.

Learn-A-Chord Cards

One of the numerous complimentary highlights given by the First Act with this pack, the "Learn-A-Cord" cards are here to help the most youthful apprentices in an illustrative manner. Joined with the youth's clear creative energy, these cards will undoubtedly help with learning the basics of guitar play.


  • Comes with illustrative "Learn-A-Cord" cards
  • Great playability
  • Highly strong
  • Thin strings and string defenders ensure security amid playing
  • Perfect for quick amateurs and kids


  • For all intents and purposes unusable by middle of the road level players (and higher)


Fundamentally, the First Act FG127 is an incredible learner, section level guitar. It's truly moderate, notwithstanding for a spending guitar pack, and it comes provided with helpful fledgling well disposed highlights, for example, string defenders and the illustrative figure out how-to-play a game of cards.

This guitar includes a huge dimension of playability because of low activity, however at the expense of pitch. The sound quality is truly decent, despite the fact that it can't be contrasted with progressively costly guitars. In general, the FG127 holds a tremendous incentive for the money.

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