Edifier R1280DB Review

Edifier has been available for a long time, and you may be the individual that will be their next faithful customer. Truly, trust us when we reveal to you that Edifier offers a great deal of magnificent home account studio hardware. They basically know the necessities of their clients and they are continually chipping away at helping them accomplish their best potential. Today, we have an Edifier R1280DB survey – as this is truly outstanding and most seasoned models from Edifier. In one of the plans, it looks vintage. With respect to the next plan, you can browse, it looks refined. This is the thing that makes it ideal for all your stylish needs. Be that as it may, we should discuss the sound, as we are all audiophiles here.

In this Edifier R1280DB audit, we’ll reveal all the privileged insights that can be found in this awesome box of a studio screen. Taking a gander at these speakers, you are probably going to discover why this studio screen has the capability of being your next buy.


Something else we should make reference to in our Edifier R1208DB survey is the astonishing quality and lucidity of the sound you will get. In particular, the Edifier offers a characteristic, tweaked sound. It has a propagation from 4inch bass and 12mm silk vault tweeter. It is fundamentally ideal for all kinds of music. Also, the Edifier offers fantastic network – without wires. Asides from a Bluetooth association, it likewise has optical and coaxial sources of info. It tends to be handily associated with different gadgets like TVs or PCs with advanced sources of info and the association is impeccable.

The control of the speaker is additionally simple as it has a remote control. With this, you can control and change the volume and the contributions from the solace of your couch. You won’t have to move either. In any case, note that the treble and the bass control can be gotten to on the fundamental speaker. In this way, in spite of the fact that this is a little issue, it is as yet worth taking note.

In conclusion, we should see the development and the style of this studio screen. In particular, the Edifier is made of extremely top notch segments in strong MDF wood. The MDF wood lodging is truly solid and impervious to scratches and harm. It is essentially difficult to harm it. All the more significantly, the development doesn’t negatively affect the sound quality. Being a position of safety styled structure, it can fit in any sort of home-stylistic theme.


The R1280DB is practically indistinguishable from its antecedent which is anything but an awful thing by any means. In spite of their ease, the speakers feel unequivocally developed and draw looks with their beautiful wooden side boards. They’re smaller for a shelf speaker, fitting a PC arrangement similarly well. Furthermore, their exemplary structure guarantee compatibility with each stylish. Edifier additionally offer the R1280DB in dark which better suits current settings.

Defensive texture confuses come pre-introduced from manufacturing plant, however they’re basically cut set up and effortlessly evacuated. This uncovers the double driver woofer + tweeter arrangement underneath and front-terminating bass port. Emotionally I discover the speakers more attractive and a little more clear when confuse less, yet this is progressively a subject of individual inclination.

As this is a functioning speaker requiring no outer intensifier, the entirety of the hardware are lodging inside the correct unit. The control plot continues as before as in the past, with 3 dials on its correct face and contributions on its back. The correct speaker has an IR beneficiary on the front for the remote, however the status LED stays on the correct side which can be hard to see when set on a rack.

Sound Quality

These speakers sound incredible, Edifier has worked admirably at giving a great listening experience – I love tuning in to music on these speakers. The speakers give profound bass, extraordinary quality mid and incredible lucidity for the higher treble frequencies. The blend in general sounds excellent and, at the cost, the listening experience is model.

In the wake of utilizing studio screen speakers for two or three years, the speakers sound phenomenal for tuning in to music, the underlying thing that struck me about these speakers is exactly how low the bass can go. It took two or three minutes to conform to the speakers at the same time, after numerous long periods of tuning in, I believe they’re extraordinary. Edifier has worked superbly at tuning the speakers to give a dynamic and energizing listening experience while as yet sounding characteristic.

Over the two speakers, they have a consolidated 42-watts of complete force – bringing about them getting noisy when you need to occupy the room. In the case of nothing is playing, the speakers work admirably at relieving any murmuring sounds that I have encountered with different speakers, when there’s nothing playing the speakers are quiet.


The R1280DB is all around bundled in normal Edifier design. Contrasted with the R1280T, it has an all-encompassing embellishment set mirroring its increasingly adaptable information sources and improved list of capabilities. Notwithstanding the speakers, the R1280DB ships with an IR remote, RCA to 3.5mm link, RCA to RCA, optical link and an interconnect link that conveys capacity to the detached left driver. I appreciate Edifier for giving such an abundance of links to exploit each contribution on the speakers. They could be of higher caliber, however please at the cost.


In the event that one of your objectives is incredible bass and clear mids and highs from the sounds you are playing in your home, the Edifier R1208DB should as of now be in your shopping basket. This astounding an incentive for the cash studio screen is very easy to understand, dependable and all the more significantly – useful. It can offer the sound that even the pickiest audiophile requires. However, you won’t need to overpay for it as you would for proficient home account studio gear.

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