DEWALT DCN692B Nailer Review

Cordless nailers are winding up more promptly accessible and progressively important as innovation improves. One territory that has seen little development in that domain is encircling nailers. There are surely obstructions to overwhelmed with these bigger nail sizes. The most critical is getting enough capacity to completely drive a 3+” nail up to 0.131″ distance across. On the off chance that you can’t accomplish that, there won’t be much point in considering it a confining nailer.

Luckily for those of us that need to discard the hose and the gas, we have the choice of looking to the DeWalt 20V Max Framing Nailer. They have two models accessible to look over. The DCN690 DeWalt 20V Max Framing Nailer is a solitary speed nailer while the DCN692 DeWalt 20V Max Framing Nailer is double speed. Both element a brushless engine that key in having the capacity to make a lithium-particle surrounding nailer. We previously checked on the single-speed model, however we had the capacity to get our hands on the double speed DCN692 to check whether it offered noteworthy gains in execution and highlights. Beside the speed determination, the two nailers perform in all respects also.


Much the same as its forerunner, the Dewalt DCN692B is furnished with a brushless engine, which upgrades its ability and administration life contrasted with a brushed surrounding nailer.

Attributable to its gasless activity, the 692B Dewalt confining nailer offers predominant and reliable execution crosswise over changed temperatures running from – 15 to a momentous 50 degrees Celsius.

This just means less support and insignificant cleaning/adjusting, which further outcomes in expanded profitability and also unrivaled cost reserve funds.

Be that as it may, the genuine excellence of the Dewalt DCN692B lies in its strong back stacking magazine, and capacity to flame about a stunning 700 nails on a solitary charge of the battery.

The Dewalt DCN692B arrives highlight rich in a tough and open dark case, making it an ideal apparatus for an assortment of clients including deck manufacturers, general contractual workers, remodelers, punch list folks, sheathing and fencing.

The 4ah battery of the DCN692B offers mind blowing runtimes, and is perfect with the whole XR Lithium Ion scope of devices, which incorporates drill drivers, processors and effect torques.

New Features

Adding to this, the DCN692B double speed confining nailer includes a devoted slow down discharge switch and instrument free profundity discharge agent that all in all lift profitability.

The keen deficiency marker of the DCN692B confining nailer shows precisely why your instrument has slowed down, regardless of whether low battery or a stuck nail, and can likewise be arranged to show what number of the nails have been terminated.

One of the particular highlights of the DCN692 nailing apparatus that separates it from its antecedent – the DCN690 is that it grasps low vibration innovation and client selectable double speed modes.

The speed setting 1 is intended to drive shorter nails somewhere in the range of 2″ and 3″ long, while speed setting 2 is advanced to drive longer nails between 3-1/4″ to 3-1/2″ long.

There are anyway included advantages of client selectable settings and low vibration innovation including expanded application speed, lower weariness and the expansion in the measure of nails that can be terminated on a solitary battery charge.

Positively Built

The main thing you can’t resist the urge to see when you unwrap the 692B surrounding nail apparatus is that it is a strong and meaty nailing instrument that weighs about 9 lbs. This is certainly something worth being thankful for thinking about that it is intended to flame nails at extraordinary velocities and the mileage it will be exposed to.


With respect to reloading, the procedure works a bit contrastingly contrasted with ordinary nailing devices, where you basically simply drop another arrangement of nails in the back, at that point lock the adherent.

The Dewalt DCN692B confining pneumatic nailer anyway makes this simpler where you lock the adherent set up by pulling back on it, feed a piece of nails and lock the supporter again into position. The trigger lock is another pleasant and attentive element of the DCN692B nailing instrument and as the name proposes locks the trigger. 


Another upside of the DCN692 nailing instrument is that the nail magazine is a lot shorter contrasted with other surrounding apparatuses, making it simple to get between standard encircling. The trap anyway of the little magazine is that it holds only 55 nails, yet on a more brilliant note takes only a couple of moments to reload.


  • Two settings to browse
  • Low vibration innovation
  • Two modes to browse
  • Gasless activity
  • Durable battery
  • Low upkeep


  • Power may need two batteries to work longer


At just shy of 9 lbs, the Dewalt DCN692B certainly raises the benchmark on what an ideal nailing instrument ought to be. Contrasted with gas nailing instruments, the DCN692B nailing weapon offers genuinely necessary help from temperature touchy gas cartridges bringing about less time spent in cartridge upkeep and activity.

The cost of the DCN692B nailer may appear to pummel the pockets, however its capacity to convey expanded efficiency without any wrecks compensates for it many occasions over.

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