DeLonghi EC702 Espresso Maker Review

The Delonghi EC702 is an espresso maker that will enable you to mix simply like the stars. Regardless of what you favor, whether it's a solitary or twofold espresso or if it's a latte or a cappuccino or the like, this is the machine that is going to transform you into an ace fermenting legitimate quality barista style coffee drinks that you use to simply have the capacity to get from your nearby coffeehouse.

DeLonghi EC702 15-Bar-Pump Espresso Maker, Stainless, Metal


  • Warming component: Stainless steel heater, self-preparing
  • Water repository: 44 oz removable, which slides in on right side for comfort
  • Pump: 15 bar pump
  • Integrated grinder: No
  • Frother: Easy-to-utilize Pannarello steam wand with 180° swivel activity here and there
  • Pod compatible: Yes, E.S.E. soft pods and ground coffee both work
  • Auto-Off: No
  • Temperature control: No
  • Trickle plate: Removable and extremely huge for a machine this size


This passage level model has a lower value point and constrained highlights, yet DeLonghi did that in light of one objective:

Force single or twofold shot with the included pressurized portafilter, or fly in an E.S.E. delicate case to get a rich, hot espresso with insignificant problem.

The Pannarello steam wand is an incredible expansion on a section level machine — simply submerge the wand in your milk and actuate steam mode with no manual foaming required — and the entire unit is minimized and strong.

The one component I discover kind of pointless is the appended alter. I've never been a devotee of the up-press alter joined to the espresso machine.

15 Bar Professional High Pressure Pump

Each and every cup that you blend you can get it simply the manner in which you need it fermented with the Delonghi ec702 15 bars of pressure, much the same as the experts. This machine guarantees that you will get delectable and excellent espressos and all the more every single time you use it with its flexible controls. These movable controls let you make every one of the alterations that you need so as to achieve your very own inclinations with regards to the essence of your coffee.

Automatic Flow Stop Feature

One extremely incredible thing that you'll adore about this specific Delonghi ec702 espresso maker is that it will do the majority of the fermenting work for you. It has a programmed stream stop highlight that will apportion precisely the perfect measure of espresso while it's keeping up the ideal blending temperature for the most elevated quality and best tasting espresso you can envision.

Quality of Espresso

With that casing of reference, the DeLonghi EC702 scored honorably for Quality of Espresso. It pulled rich shots with better than expected crema, and the Pannarello frother is idiot proof for good foamed milk and froth.

Since this machine accompanies pressurized portafilters and the Pannarello frother, you do lose some customization and tweakability (is that a word?) from your shot. Basically, those highlights bring down the roof on how consummated your shot and froth can be, yet they totally raise the floor too. Given the value go as a passage level espresso machine, chances are you need something straightforward and simple to utilize.

Easy To Clean

The Delonghi ec702 has a pleasant water tank that is very simple to evacuate for filling. It's anything but difficult to return in and it has a water level that you can see effectively so there will never be any mystery with regards to how much water is left in the tank. In view of the fact that it is so natural to expel the tank and the trickle plate, it makes it very simple when it's an ideal opportunity to tidy up. The majority of the parts that fall off this Delonghi ec702 would all be able to be securely placed in your dishwasher for simple cleaning.


  • Compact, lightweight, attractive machine
  • 15 bar pump pressure for a truly authentic flavor and rich crema.
  • Easy operation.
  • Pressurized portafilters and Pannarello steam wand require no skill to use
  • Clean-up is a breeze.


  • The first few shots taste horrible.
  • No Auto-off feature


Delonghi EC702 espresso maker is the ideal espresso machine for any kitchen or office use. You can see this when you investigate the client evaluations for this astounding espresso machine. There are over 1200+ fulfilled clients. This espresso machine can make your regular person into a star barista inside minutes. It has a portion of the highlights that just top of the line espresso makers have like the container hotter to finish everything and the ability to utilize both coffee grounds and coffee units to blend incredible tasting espresso unfailingly. On the off chance that your in the market for another espresso maker, at that point you should consider DeLonghi EC702.

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