Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine Review

Regardless of whether you’re simply starting to move toward indoor rowing as an extraordinary, low-sway exercise or you have been busy for quite a while at the rec center and need a dependable rowing machine for home use, the Concept 2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5 Monitor has all that you need for a smooth and amazing absolute body exercise. Its flywheel design guarantees a peaceful line, while it’s casing is worked such that makes it easy to isolate in two pieces for simple stockpiling or transport. The Concept 2 Model D’s style fits pretty much every home condition and enables the client to pick between an assortment of exercise programs. Its ergonomic design takes into consideration wellbeing and solace, while its general structure is worked to advance a characteristic arm and hand position while rowing.


This is seemingly the most famous rowing machine on earth. It is a staple in most rowing schools and is used by the top competitors in the world when they can’t go out on the water and really push. You can likewise find this model all things considered business exercise centers, for the most part due to it’s convenience, build quality and the reality it is appropriate for new and advanced clients the same.

Everything is adjustable and designed to suit you. The hassocks are adjustable and take into consideration simple estimating while at the same time accommodating wide foot sizes. The handle includes a 10 degree bend that provides the perfect ergonomic grasp implied for thorough rowing sessions.

Console/ Monitor

The standard support with the Model D is currently the PM5. It turns on consequently when you begin to push (and will likewise turn off following a couple of moments of dormancy).

You can store your exercise data to a USB key (not supplied) and move to your PC or Mac for additional investigation utilizing Concept2’s product for execution diagrams and so forth.

The LCD screen displays all the typical exercise data, for example, calories, strokes every moment, distance rowed, time and so forth.

The new PM5 has significantly more usefulness than the old PM4 giving you much to a greater degree motivation to purchase. One of our top choices is the ‘race vessel’ alternative which enables you to go up against a pontoon on screen to a set tone or even against yourself from a past session :0) You can likewise display your past exhibitions on one screen. The PM5 additionally empowers you to race online with other Concept2 clients – presently there’s an impetus to prepare

Dependable Performance

This is a basic, yet durable and compelling bit of preparing machinery in practically the entirety of its highlights. Including a solid skeleton that can handle demanding exercises and deliver amazing execution, the Concept 2 Model D is all the while reduced as far as size and design to effortlessly be a piece of any home condition. It’s anything but difficult to collect, disassemble, store, and even transport in a typical sized vehicle.

Build Quality

Given the greater expense of this Concept2 Model D Rower and the producer’s solid notoriety, you would expect this rowing machine to be amazingly durable.

The Concept 2 Model D arrives in a matte or dark completion and is business grade. Which means, it’s worked to withstand the discipline of consistent use at exercise centers and Crossfit focuses.

So don’t stress over it breaking on you at any point in the near future, regardless of how hard you attempt to pummel it!

Nothing on the machine feels modest (there are no modest plastic parts). The base has steel back legs, an aluminum front, and an aluminum I-shaft monorail with a treated steel seat track.

Various clients of changing quality levels have used this rower routinely for more than 10 years and have mentioned regardless it performs as it did when they originally purchased the unit.

This says a lot on the Concept2 Model D’s durability and life span. You will get more grounded as you use it, so it’s significant the machine is sufficiently able to handle the expansion in workload it will get.

Based on its design, you will hear regular clamors, for example, the moving of the seat, the pulling of the handle, and the fan. Notwithstanding, you won’t hear any squeaking and other irritating clamors most regularly found on less expensive rowing machines.


The Model D Rowing Machine has a huge impression when being used, however the size is fundamentally sliced down the middle when it’s dismantled for capacity.

To spare floor space, you should simply isolate the monorail and the flywheel part of the rower. At that point rest the flywheel bit of the rower on its “head” and make the monorail area “stand up”.

It’s amazingly simple to do and I’m really surprised that something so durable and large can be taken care of in only seconds!

Clients commented the procedure could take between 10-20 seconds to pull-separated and another 10-20 seconds to assemble back.

One client says when “away mode” the rower is identical to a large portion of the size of a standard fridge.

Stored Dimensions (L x W x H): 25.0″ x 33.0″ x 54.0″


  • Advanced observing with the PM5
  • Smooth rowing experience
  • It’s anything but difficult to collect and removes seconds to store
  • The maker provides an incredible guarantee


  • The fan can be unreasonably boisterous for certain individuals.


The Concept 2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine is one of the most modern and dependable bits of machinery out there. It’s designed such that it dictates a characteristic, low-effect, and safe exercise that doesn’t overstrain explicit muscles or cause damage. Advancing normal developments, this present rower’s development prepares all muscles similarly and can provide you with an extraordinary exercise session that will have your muscles shouting inside ten minutes. As all Concept2 models, it’s astounding for cardio and quality preparing, consolidating solace and durability in one slick bundle.

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