Coleman Evanston Screened Tent Review

This looks like an incredible looking tent, and a particular structure that I haven't seen previously. Be that as it may, is it enough to remain in solid breezes or keep you completely dry when a storm hits you?

I will be altogether inquiring about this tent and recording my full Coleman Evanston Screened Tent audit in this article.

In spite of the fact that it isn't the least expensive tent available, it is certainly in a reasonable value range and going to get the eyes from bystander and other camp goers. How about we get directly into it.


This tent contains a screened patio to plunk down and drink brew or just talk with family and companions. Since it's screened off, there's no compelling reason to stress over mosquitoes and other irritating bugs getting in.

Notwithstanding the screened patio, there is additionally 4 huge windows. I discover these to work incredible for most extreme ventilation.

The makers are portraying this tent to be anything but difficult to set-up and bring down, while there's a climate framework that they are professing to keep you completely dry.

Who is it for

Since it's classed as a 6 man tent and ready to fit 2 ruler estimated pneumatic beds inside (been tried and discovered genuine), I would state this is an ideal family tent.

In any case, I would state that this tent will settle on an extraordinary decision for a gathering of companions needing to go on an end of the week outdoors trip, particularly in light of the fact that it's a moderate cost and not going to use up every last cent.

Since it is very substantial however, it would be useful for all individuals needing to go vehicle outdoors. This tent ought NOT be utilized for exploring, it is simply excessively substantial.

What type tent is this

This is an intriguing structure with the primary arch style part and a connected screened room as should be obvious in the image beneath. So this has some great and some less great highlights. The great is that being an arch structure, it is entirely steady and streamlined. The awful is that it is generally low, with just 68 inches (173 cm) top stature, so remember this on the off chance that you favor a tent where you can stroll inside.

This is additionally a tent with a screen room, so this adds a great deal to its reasonableness in different ways. See that you have 140 ft² (13 m²) of the complete floor zone. However, remember that the yard floor gets wet in downpour. The floor on the patio has channel openings so the water will deplete out.

So the screen on the patio just offers assurance from creepy crawlies, and this is definitely not a dry region on a basic level. I wonder why they included the floor in any case; in all probability this was for assurance from slithering creepy crawlies.

The issue with this plan is that the main passageway is through the screen room, so in the event that you have a vet floor around there, it ends up sloppy in all respects rapidly. Without the floor, this would work much better.


There are 4 shafts altogether, fiberglass, so not truly solid material which need some consideration, yet this is an arch structure and it is accordingly solid and stable. The two posts make the fundamental vault, and you have one cross shaft which lifts the fly up over the windows (see the image above) so you have a few perspectives there. One additional post is over the screen room.

They don't give much data about the texture, yet this is a polyester taffeta 75D, and for waterproofness rating, we can just theory however don't anticipate much. In any case, the floor is a sturdy canvas type material, polyethylene clearly, with the bath structure and with licensed corner welds and ensured creases.


  • Shockingly, it holds up in solid whirlwinds and will keep you dry even in substantial storm
  • Versatile
  • Incredibly well-ventilated. Every one of the 4 windows are planned flawlessly so you won't need to stress over any buildup working up
  • Great price


  • Somewhat low
  • The overhangs over the windows will hinder a tad of the outside view


In the finish of this Coleman Evanston 6 screened tent survey, I would pressure again that the tent is of a fairly irregular structure. It has some great highlights yet some of them are not all that good, similar to the non-secured screen room which in a similar time is with the standard floor. On account of downpour you will have a pool there, so keeping it clean may not be so natural except if you keep the shoes and boots totally out.

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