Celestron Astromaster 114EQ Review

Celestron AstroMaster 114 EQ Reflector Telescope accompanies Permanently mounted StarPointer finderscope that offers sharp, point by point perspectives on the night sky. You may go for a very good quality model on the off chance that you need to see universes and nebulae.Enter your text here...


The AstroMaster "Newtonians" all accompany a 20 mm "raising" eyepiece simply like the PowerSeekers for low force. The eyepiece is as a rule plastic, has a limited field of view, and isn't sharp in the smallest. Celestron incorporates this eyepiece exclusively so they can sell it at nature and science stores, under its reason being fit for earthly survey.

The other eyepiece included with all AstroMaster telescopes is a 10 mm Kellner. It works fine in most different telescopes, however the 114EQ is, obviously, unequipped for conveying a sharp picture with it.

The Erect Image Diagonal

Erect picture optics can make this telescope perfect for galactic and earthly employments. It furnishes with a progressively happy with review position. The erect picture corner to corner delivers accurately situated pictures dodging modified or flipped sees.

Optical Quality

The optical quality, when adjusted appropriately, is excellent at the cost point. With a 114mm essential opening and a central proportion of f/8.6, this is a huge all-around reflector. The optical container of this degree is great and is ideal for the apprentice stargazer. The opening size, amplification power, and central proportion are on the whole common, which makes it an extraordinary adjusted telescope. It doesn't wander excessively far in either course as far as zoom and center, which means it is magnificent for a general stargazer.

A few telescopes are high at seeing things like planets and moons, while different telescopes are high at seeing profound space questions, this one will do both. Learner cosmologists are not typically going to fall into any of the specialty classes that exist in cosmology yet. They will cherish the capacity of this telescope to do different things well.

The optics on this reflector will be extraordinary for taking a gander at the moon, planets, for example, Jupiter and Saturn, just as some profound space objects like Andromeda or clouds far away. The optics on this telescope won't break any records or stretch the constraints of the creative mind, yet they will have the option to do a ton, particularly for somebody simply beginning.

The moon looks incredible with this extension and explains on a portion of the better subtleties. You can likewise observe the hued groups around Jupiter alongside a portion of its moons in circle. At the point when the night is correct, you can likewise observe the rings of Saturn. The Andromeda system can be seen in more prominent detail as can the Pleides and other star groups. The entirety of the fan-most loved sights in the sky will be realistic with this extension.

StarPointer Finderscope

A StarPointer red-dab finderscope fills in as a locating instrument while focusing on the telescope at the ideal objective. It is a reflex sight that capacities utilizing a red LED to extend a superimposed red dab on your objective. Adjust the finderscope with the fundamental optics of the telescope before utilizing it.

Slow Motion Controls

This telescope has two moderate movement control handles to make fine pointing change for both Right Ascension and Declination tomahawks which are likewise named as RA and DEC. this couple of moderate movement control handles help the telescope in accomplishing greater strength.

AstroMaster Equatorial Mount

The AstroMaster central mount utilizes a powerful instrument to move in two ways dependent on the heavenly organize framework. It takes a shot at the premise of two pivot RA and DEC. RA pivot becomes possibly the most important factor to move the telescope in the East/West bearing. What's more, DEC does likewise while moving it in the North/South bearing.

Whom is this item perfect for?

This item is perfect for beginner stargazing lovers who love to watch the night sky to appreciate heavenly perspectives. One can likewise utilize this for birdwatching and whale-viewing in the event that he/she needs. This isn't perfect for cutting edge space science. You need to spend more on a telescope of a bigger opening model on the off chance that you need to dig into the magnificence of cosmic systems and nebulae.


  • Has a fair measure of intensity and core interest
  • Reasonable reflector telescope
  • Flawless picture
  • Is smaller and lightweight


  • Tripod is shaky


This is an astonishing telescope for crystal gazing specialists. It permits you to appreciate the perfect perspective on the ritzy night sky. This is a tenderfoot level telescope. New stargazers get the primary amazing experience of viewing different planets of the close planetary system through Celestron Astromaster 114

Celestron - AstroMaster 114EQ Newtonian Telescope

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