Alesis Surge Mesh Kit Review

The Alesis Surge Mesh Kit is an eight-piece electronic drum kit. The excellent mesh sets out permit toward quiet play at home, yet they additionally offer a similar give as an ordinary drumhead. This implies you can play this kit as though it was a typical acoustic drum kit. Mesh heads additionally give a decent scope of reactions, that will change tone contingent upon where you strike the drumhead. They are additionally tunable, so you can locate your optimal tone.

Another component of electric drum kits that contrasts from acoustic drum kits is their minimized, versatile nature. The Alesis Surge Mesh Kit is minimal, which implies that it is anything but difficult to store when you’re not playing, and can be handily shipped as well, maybe even to the account studio, as this kit is set up for top notch recording.Enter your text here…


The Alesis Surge Mesh kit is a 5-piece arrangement with 3 cymbals, a drum module, a hello there cap pedal in addition to a bass drum tower with an included kick pedal. The greater part of these segments can be mounted to the amazing looking 4-post chrome rack which is incorporated.

Advantages of mesh are numerous. Mesh heads offer low-clamor and a practical head reaction. Each head can be tuned or fixed simply like an ordinary drum head. There are 4 carries on each drum which can be fixed or released with a standard drum key. This makes supplanting makes a beeline for do and is consoling in the event that you are stressed over any harm caused from hard hitting.

Not at all like the Nitro Mesh kit, this drum set highlights mesh on the bass drum cushion too. This is an invite expansion as the vibe is far better than a standard elastic cushion.

The pinnacle is sufficiently large to oblige either single or twofold pedals. Pedals can clasp to the base of the pinnacle likewise to a bass drum circle and it additionally has two customizable spikes which can be utilized to hold surfaces, for example, floor covers and tangles. Alesis have been benevolent enough to incorporate a bass drum pedal in the arrangement as well.

The greetings cap cushion is 10 creeps in size which is equivalent to the ride and the accident cymbal. The ride and crash are both chokable so you can execute the sound by holding the external edge of the cushion. The howdy cap can be constrained by the foot pedal. There are a few distinctive open and shut situations for the greetings cap which advertisements a little authenticity to the playing experience.

The catch is the biggest drum cushion of the parcel. It’s 10 creeps in distance across and has double zone activating. The head and the edge of the drum can be doled out to various example sources. Every one of the 3 toms are 8 creeps in breadth and furthermore have this double zone plan. Extra activating is a tremendous in addition to with a kit this way. It builds the measure of sounds you have available to you.

On the standard catch and 3 toms you could for instance allot an edge click, dairy animals ringer, sprinkle cymbal and wood square to every one of the 4 drum edges, expanding your melodic alternatives in a split second.


A module is the cerebrum of each electronic drum set and this one is really astute. It is essentially a similar module that the organization utilizes for Nitro drum kit, in spite of it has been re-marked. This is certainly something to be thankful for since we enjoyed the module from Nitro kit without a doubt.

The marginally adjusted module includes a little LCD screen, which is anything but difficult to explore. There are a few fastens around, yet things unquestionably aren’t convoluted. For progressively advantageous use, the base gathering of the catches is sorted out in such a manner to relate commonplace drum set.

Other than very much planned equipment, the product is very not too bad also. The module has a limit with regards to 40 presets, 24 out-of-the-container presets and 16 client kits. Likewise, there are 385 individual instruments to play with. Such number covers basically all well known classes of music. You can discover different sorts of drum sets and percussions, yet in addition a lot of electronic sounds, DJ impacts and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Obviously, Alesis engineers gave a great deal of consideration to amateurs, so there are 60 worked in MIDI sponsorship tracks to cooperate.

As far as network includes, all the basics are here. Rely on the earphone out, aux in left and right ¼” ace outs, MIDI in and out, and USB port. Appears to be quite advantageous.


The Alesis Surge drum module contains 385 sounds altogether. It likewise accompanies 60 tracks and different extras, for example, a completely working metronome. There are 40 kit sound banks altogether on the Surge module. 24 of these drum kits are default plant kits and 16 are unfilled client banks which can be altered by and by. The 60 support tracks are ideal for cooperating with and arrive in a scope of styles from rock and blues to jazz, funk and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Who Is It Suitable For

The Alesis Surge Mesh Kit suits an immense scope of drummers. Novices will appreciate learning on it, as it offers an enormous scope of sounds, and the mesh heads feel simply like drumheads on an acoustic kit. In any case, this is a top notch item, middle of the road and propelled drummers will likewise appreciate playing it, particularly in the event that you need to change to an electric kit for rehearsing on at home.


  • All the basics are here. The module highlights 40 presets, 385 individual sounds.
  • Far better-playing experience contrasted with elastic heads that are normal at this cost run. Increasingly regular feel, less wrist strain, and exhaustion
  • The straightforwardness of the set up makes it an easy to use electronic drum kit for any individual who is learning the drums, or somebody searching for their first electronic kit
  • As it is an electronic drum kit, at that point it is practically quiet to rehearse on, which may imply that you’ll have the option to play more regularly than on an acoustic kit, as you won’t upset anybody with this kit


  • More experienced drummers may some absence of elements in play. Shouldn’t be taken as a gigantic disadvantage, given the value go


The Alesis Surge Mesh kit is extraordinary incentive for the cash. It gives all contending brands a genuine migraine with the large number of highlights it offers. There are numerous parts of this drum kit that you may typically just discover on top-end electronic drum sets, and that makes it certainly one to consider.

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